I have the Dead Money, Dog and God kill themselves, Dean didn't even put up a fight, i spared Christine, i locked Elijah in the vault, i really hate those STUPID RADIOS.

I show my Honest Heart, Joshua is the leader, even though he is checking pistols, Daniel was very angry, i destroyed the white legs, i let the leader fight, he was super tough, he almost killed me

I shred Old World Blues, those stupid energy weapons, i took 4 months away from it, i came back to destroy a giant robo-scorpion, i show doctor Mobius what it was like to die, i reunited with my brain, i ended doctor Klein and his gang,

I walked the Lonesome Road, all the way to Ulysses, why does he were that mask, maybe he is ugly, golden E-DE sacrificed himself for me, i was sad, he is my favorite companion.

this puts a end to the DLC of this game, Ulysses was mentioned in every DLC, one last note, energy weapons are my enemy and radios are my mortal nemesis

leave a comment of what you think about this poem i know it doesn't rime but it don't have too.