“Survival” A Fallout 3 FanFiction By: JakeSword1


I see a flash and in an instant, go crashing to the ground. I eventually wake up and am covered in ash. I realize that I have been unconscious for longer than a day. I hear a distant screeching noise and see my pulse rifle in the distance. I feel that I should reach for it and grab it, but something in me is telling me to stay still. I see that the screeching in the distance was a single being that has approached my area. I am shocked to see that this life-form’s face and body was half melted and deformed. I realize that whatever “it” is has seen something else and is rushing toward it. I am praying that it will not come back and find me so I hurry and grab my pulse rifle.

I am running to the nearest building and notice that most of the city is completely destroyed. The ruins of the Washington D.C area are full of noises. The war had apparently devastated this area while I had been away. All I can here is the sound of gunshots in all directions. I can’t see whether the bullets are whizzing by my head or are being shot at something else. As soon as I get over the hill I can see some sort of convoy. There are many prisoners screaming for help, but I know I shouldn’t. Their party of yellow skinned “mutants” outnumber me and would kill me if I try anything drastic. I move on knowing that I have done something regretful. I eventually come upon a building labeled “Today’s Future Thrift Shop” and believe it’s safe so I enter.

As soon as I enter I notice bodies lying on the floor wearing aprons and come to the conclusion that the people who had owned the store were the corpses. I search them knowing (or at least thinking) that I will find something that will help me. I find a key and take it just incase it could be used for something important. When I am done I notice that there had been a pistol in the man’s hand. I wonder what he had been using it for? Could he had been defending himself from something dangerous? I move on and leave my curiosity behind to continue searching the store. I find antibiotics and bandages in the back and figure they could be used for wounds later on. I notice a door with a lock on it and see if I could open it with the key that I have. As I had figured, the key worked and in the closet was enough food to last someone a few months. I wondered why these people had so much food stocked up; like they knew this was going to happen.

I heard a screeching, almost exactly like the screeching I heard from that “thing” I had seen earlier. I realized that it had been pacing from near the front door and had now come into the thrift shop. I was scared for my life for a split second but I knew that I had the protection of my pulse rifle. I had been hiding in the closet I unlocked earlier and when it came by I got a closer look at it. It had single strands of hair all over it’s head. It’s eyes had seemed to be bulging out of its head. I knew it didn’t want me but it would kill me if it had the chance. I saw that it had seen the dead bodies on the ground and had smirked liked it had something to do with it. I realized that it had human like qualities, like its face and its body structure. I realized that it’s head has twisted slightly to the left in a quick jolt like it had noticed something. I had taken my pulse rifle off safety and was ready to defend myself if necessary.

I think it had noticed me but it suddenly jolted out of the room like it was afraid of something. I thought it was safe so I left the confined space. I went outside and saw that it had been heading toward the city. I thought it was safe but then I felt the cold steel of a guns head to the back of mine. It was a woman. She was in her late 20’s to early 30’s and I could tell she was skilled with a pistol. She had said, “What are you doing here?” All I could say was, “I thought it would be safe....” She asked me for my name and she told me her’s. Her name was Sarah and she had no idea what had been going on either. I told her, “My name is John. I was deployed to Washington D.C when the Russian’s arrived but I had no idea this would happen.” “Ok “John”........ you seem to know what you’re talking about, so I will consider not putting a bullet in your brain....”