• JakeSword1

    “Survival” A Fallout 3 FanFiction By: JakeSword1

    CHAPTER 1:

    I see a flash and in an instant, go crashing to the ground. I eventually wake up and am covered in ash. I realize that I have been unconscious for longer than a day. I hear a distant screeching noise and see my pulse rifle in the distance. I feel that I should reach for it and grab it, but something in me is telling me to stay still. I see that the screeching in the distance was a single being that has approached my area. I am shocked to see that this life-form’s face and body was half melted and deformed. I realize that whatever “it” is has seen something else and is rushing toward it. I am praying that it will not come back and find me so I hurry and grab my pulse rifle.

    I am running…

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