The Dakotas Brotherhood of Steel (also Dakotas Brotherhood or Dakotas Chapter) is a detachment of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel operating in North and South Dakota during the 23rd century.


In 2199, one year after the formation of the alliance between the Midwest Brotherhood and the Calculator's robots (as a result of the Warrior's decision to join minds with the Calculator in Vault 0), the Midwest Elders decided to expand the Brotherhoods' influence and help the local population and increase the Brotherhoods' numbers. The Elders had reports of vicious Raiders pillaging and sacking domestic settlements throughout the Dakotas. Within three months, the Brotherhood had organized and sent a detachment of trained paladins and knights to South Dakota, where they had organized a central headquarters in the remains of Rapids-Eti. Sending word back to the Elders that they had successfully arrived in South Dakota, they proclaimed themselves the "Dakotas Brotherhood of Steel."

The Brotherhood members began operating in Rapids-Eti (formally known as Rapid City). Various tribals in Rapids-Eti welcomed the Brotherhood, greeting them as guardians and saviors sent by gods to protect them. The Brotherhood leader began discussing the matter of the local raiders. A small team of Brotherhood members when out to eliminate them, with successful results. As the Brotherhood became more trustworthy to the tribe, they began sharing knowledge. The Brotherhood learned of Ellsworth Air Force Base, a military base housing lethal weapons from before the War. Ceasing these, the Dakotas Brotherhood became stronger in terms of weaponry, though lacking in manpower. When implored, Rapids-Eti tribe gladly lent over a large handful of their fighters to be trained by the Brotherhood. Though the Brotherhood nearly grew twice in size, they felt that they still didn't have enough members to cover large areas. With this, the Brothehood began mass recruitment from the surrounding towns and settlements. Eventually, the Brotherhood became highly renowned throughout the Dakotas, and easily the most strongest in terms of both personnel and weaponry.

Military Conflicts

The Brotherhood's main goal in the Dakotas were to remove hostile figures to gain the trust of local wastelanders. The first to contest with the Dakotas Brotherhood were petty raider tribals that attacked many settlements for essential survival necessities.

More then eighty years later, the Dakotas Brotherhood had joined with the NCR (as the Dakotas Chapter was unaware of the hostilities between the NCR and the original Brotherhood) in the Wasteland War. The Enclave persuaded Caesar to join them in the war as well. Caesar's forces began mobilizing and attacking the Brotherhoods' most southern positions near Hot Springs, seemingly without any provokation from the Brotherhood. Within the same week, Brotherhood scribes had recieved word from NCR that Legion had allied with the Enclave in the war. With this news, the Brotherhood immediately began moving their forces to Colorado to cripple the Legion's operations. The Brotherhood's tribal allies were also holding lines along highways 71 and 385. The Brotherhood still has not reached Colorado, though they currently in heavy fighting with Legion forces in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Brotherhood also rallied with other allies in hunting rumoured Enclave bases throught northern Wyoming and central Montana.

Recent War Occurences

Raid in Montana

After linking with Montana Brotherhood elements, the now-battalion sized force of highly trained paladins and knights began searching in the more desolate regions of Wyoming to find Enclave bases. So far, only one outpost has been seized. Three Brotherhood members died, two in an artillery explosion, and one other from fixed turrets. Twelve were wounded in various fights, most notably from vertibird strafes. However, extremely valuable resources were taken. Among these were four vertibirds There were dozens of vertibirds, though they were either used by Enclave to escape, or self-destructed to avoid capture (evidently, it failed). Other seized valuables were battle-worn suits of Advanced power armor. Though already used, they were still much more dependable then the outdated customary T-45d suits scavenged from Ellsworth. Countless high-tech weapons were also taken from the armories, along with effective medical technologies. After scouring the entire base for any more valuables, the knights were ordered to torch the base, as the surrounding region was completely unpopulated and far from any settlement, removing any strategic value from the base. Because of these extremely valuable equipment claimed in the raid, the Chapter began focusing much more on finding other Enclave outposts.


With the Brotherhoods' growing numbers, they spread throughout the Dakotas to protect peaceful settlements. As they did, large numbers of wastelanders joined the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood also sent small divisions to North Dakota, though only to Dickinson and Bismarck, as North Dakota was largely inhospitable and desolate, even before the bombs dropped. The Brotherhood mostly moved in to and protected pre-War towns, as South Dakota's unpredictable weather largely discouraged starting settlements from scratch. These positions include:

  • Rapids-Eti
  • Searfist (formally Spearfish)
  • Peer (formally Pierre, pronounced the same, however)
  • Fox-Elder (formerly Box-Elder, though all signs of this were worn out overtime as a result of the Great War)
  • Sturgis
  • Deadwood
  • Lead
  • Hot Springs
  • Positions along and nearby highways 18, 71, and 385