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    The Dakotas Brotherhood of Steel (also Dakotas Brotherhood or Dakotas Chapter) is a detachment of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel operating in North and South Dakota during the 23rd century.

    In 2199, one year after the formation of the alliance between the Midwest Brotherhood and the Calculator's robots (as a result of the Warrior's decision to join minds with the Calculator in Vault 0), the Midwest Elders decided to expand the Brotherhoods' influence and help the local population and increase the Brotherhoods' numbers. The Elders had reports of vicious Raiders pillaging and sacking domestic settlements throughout the Dakotas. Within three months, the Brotherhood had organized and sent a detachment of trained paladins and knights to South Da…

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  • Jack of All

    Knight Paos

    April 1, 2013 by Jack of All

    • Rescuing the Knight: Paos has been captured by Enclave during a reconaissance survey. Rescue him from their camp at the MDPL-16 power station.
    • The Medieval Communists: Paos informs you of the Enclave in the area that he was surveying. Accompany him and other Brotherhood Paladins to disable their operations.

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