I really don't give a fuck about your reasons. Get out of my face right now!— Vergil Krew

Captain Vergil Krew was an Enclave officer in 2241 and 2277.



Vergil Krew was born within the Enclave in 2223. As a child he was brought up around energy weapons, advanced technology and a lot of science. His father was an Enclave officer whilst his mother was an Enclave scientist, his parents taught him about combat and technology and Vergil grew up to be strong and intelligent. In 2239 Vergil joined the Enclave formerly as an officer. He advanced to the rank of sergeant within two years because of his strength, intelligence and no-nonsense attitude. His fellow soldiers and officers respected him for his qualities.

In 2241, Vergil was stationed around Navarro but often traveled out to different areas of the Core Region to assist the Enclave better. In 2242, during the assault on the Oil Rig, Vergil Krew was at Navarro. His father, however, was killed during the destruction and his mother had gone missing. With nothing left in the west, Vergil traveled east with the Enclave survivors.


Vergil and the remaining Enclave forces were led to the east by Autumn, a high-ranking scientist. He told Vergil and the remaining Enclave that they were to relocate to the Raven Rock military base in the Capital Wasteland. The Capital Wasteland was thousands of miles east from the Core Region and the Enclave's home. Once the team had arrived at Raven Rock, Vergil began training recruits and other soldiers. He rose the ranks quickly and by 2277 he became the a captain, the second highest rank, just lower than Colonel Autumn.

Colonel Autumn trusted Captain Vergil Krew completely and together they began to rebuild the Enclave to its former glory. Vergil was in charge of training and all of the soldiers listened and obeyed to his orders. When Raven Rock was under attack by the Lone Wanderer, Vergil escaped with Colonel Autumn and was ordered to lead a squad to Adams Air Force Base. Vergil didn't know what had happened to Colonel Autumn after he had gone after the Lone Wanderer, but Vergil did know that he had failed at killing the wanderer. When the Lone Wanderer appeared at Adams Air Force Base, Vergil was forced to escape. He knew that even the force of the Enclave could not beat the wanderer. On his escape, Vergil encountered a Brotherhood of Steel Knight named Christopher Zhao. Vergil drew his Plasma pistol and aimed it at the young Knight's head. The young man didn't flinch at all. At amazing speed, Christopher Zhao grabbed Vergil's gun and disarmed him. He then threw the Plasma pistol away and unsheathed a flaming sword. Vergil accepted his fate. "Just do it." He said, trembling in fear. Christopher Zhao said nothing but plunged the sword through Vergil's chest. With no more words, Vergil succumbed quickly to the cold embrace of death.

Notable Quotes

Fallout 2

Fallout 3

  • "Move out soldiers!"
  • "You can't defeat the Enclave. Nobody can!"
  • "I have my suspicions, everybody does."


Fallout 2

Apparel Weapon Other items
Advanced power armor Plasma pistol -

Fallout 3

Apparel Weapon Other items
Enclave officer uniform
Enclave officer hat
Plasma pistol
Combat knife
Various chems


Vergil Krew appeared in Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Broken Steel.