Fuck you, you pathetic pig! You will die just like the rest.— Tony Richardson, speaking to Caesar.

Tony Richardson is a pre-War Ghoul, originally a human from Vault 12. He was born in 2050, 27 years before the Great War. Tony became a ghoul shortly after the Great War due to Vault 12's Vault-Tec experiment.

Tony left Necropolis (and Vault 12) in 2157, and has resided in Texas (from 2157 - 2190), the Capital Wasteland (from 2190 - 2279) and the Mojave Wasteland (from 2281). He traveled the Core Region on two separate occasions; once in 2161 and once in 2241.

Tony retained both his facial hair and his head hair upon his ghoulification and has subsequently kept it for more than 200 years.


Tony was born in 2050 in Bakersfield, California. At the age of 14, he met the love of his life: Maggie. He spent years with Maggie and eventually got married to her in 2070. The pair applied to live in Vault 12 directly under the streets of Bakersfield and they received a place. Like all the other residents of the vault, Maggie and Tony Richardson became ghouls due to the radiation seeping through the vault door.

Along with the rest of Vault 12's ghouls, Tony and Maggie left Vault 12 in 2083. They settled in the newly established town of Necropolis and they lived there for 74 years before leaving the town in 2157, just before the Super mutant's appearance.

Maggie and Tony traveled out of the Core Region and by 2160, they were living somewhere in the Texas Wasteland. Tony however, decided to return to the Core Region, he had some unfinished business there. He promised his wife he would be back soon.

Tony arrived back in the Core Region in 2161 but he didn't go to Necropolis at all, he knew that he wouldn't be welcome there since he and Set parted on bad terms. Tony's goal in the Core Region was to find a cure for his and his wife's ghoul state. Tony didn't know if he would find anything but he was talented in science and he was looking for a doctor to help him in his quest. Tony found a friend in a traveling doctor. The pair realized that the ghoul state is caused by radiation and that it has caused a drastic change in every ghouls' DNA. The result is an expanded life but infertility and a corpse-like appearance. The doctor then commented that some ghouls can be left with both facial hair and a full head of hair, like Tony. He realized himself that life wasn't so bad as a ghoul and he accepted who he was with pride. He returned to the Texas Wasteland in 2162 and stayed there for 28 years.

In 2190, Maggie and Tony came across the Capital Wasteland. They traveled around it extensively before finally settling down into a grand pre-War hotel. They still traveled occasionally and one journey was the worst thing that ever happened to Tony.

On the 19th of March, 2236, Tony and Maggie traveled to Rivet City for supplies. On their way back to their home, they engaged in combat with a group of raiders. They were dispatched relatively easily but one of them managed to shoot Maggie in the head. She wasn't dead instantly but there was no way of saving her, Maggie produced her last words; "I love you". Tony didn't leave her corpse for days, but eventually he knew he needed to leave. Tony gave her a burial and began building a shack next to her grave. The shack was a target by many wasteland hostiles and Tony had to build a fence around it, he also tried setting up a protectron but his plan failed. Tony lived in his shack peacefully for a while, scavenging in local pre-War buildings.

On the 16th of October 2241, Tony left the Capital Wasteland for a while. He hired two human bodyguards to live in his shack whilst he was away. Tony decided to go back to the Core Region to find out what had happened since he had left. He traveled back to the site of Necropolis, however there was nothing left. Tony was saddened by the fact that his original home had become nothing but another part of the vast desert. Tony traveled around the Core Region seeking information about Necropolis' fate.

Tony Richardson first went to a town named Gecko, north of Vault City. Gecko was inhabited by ghouls and led by an FEV Mutant named Harold. He happily welcomed Tony to his humble town and tried to answer his questions the best he could. Harold told Tony that Necropolis was destroyed by The Master's Super mutant in 2161. Tony was shocked, he was in the Core Region at the time Necropolis was being massacred. Tony, shook his head in disappointment and asked some more questions. Harold told Tony that Set had a son named Typhon, whom was residing in Broken Hills. Harold directed him the right way and Tony set off once more.

Tony arrived in Broken Hills awhile after his encounter with Harold. In Broken Hills, Tony searched for Typhon for hours and eventually had to find someone to point him out. After eventually finding Typhon, Tony asked him about Necropolis' downfall. Typhon said that shortly after Maggie and Tony left, Super mutants came and lived with the ghouls and eventually they went crazy and killed everyone in town. The few survivors migrated to places like Broken Hills and Gecko where they could be just as safe as in Necropolis. Tony thought about his home in the Capital Wasteland and knew that eventually he would have to leave and he would probably end up in one of these ghoul towns in the Core Region. Tony knew about Necropolis now and he decided to return home after several months away.

Tony stayed in the Capital Wasteland for a long while again, slaying any wasteland creatures that attacked him. He stayed mostly in his shack; only leaving for cigarettes, water and food. Tony found a sort of peace with loneliness but knew he would eventually become a feral ghoul and so he decided once again to travel to a place he had not been to before in his lifetime.

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In 2253 Tony arrived in New Mexico and the Reservation. As a ghoul, Tony was welcomed into the Reservation by the Children of the Wasteland. Tony decided to stay in New Mexico for a while longer as a trader before he moved on once again.

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Tony did not reappear in the Capital Wasteland until 2276, where he was not surprised to find his shack in bad condition. Tony spent the next year building up another wall and fixing the holes in the shack's small structure. During this year, Tony also bought a puppy from a scavenger. Tony named the small dog Rufus. In late 2276 Tony met a wastelander fleeing from raiders. Tony was quick to allow him into his shack to hide. After the raiders had seemingly gone, Tony allowed the wastelander to eat a meal before he left Tony and once again walked the wastes.

In 2277 Tony became very angered at the local raiders as they continually attacked his residence. Tony thought back to the time Maggie was murdered by raiders and he became extremely enraged and determined to kill all the raiders in the Capital Wasteland. Tony knew he would not be able to achieve this by himself and so he decided to just remove the raiders from his own area. He learned that the raiders were being lead by a man named Bone and he was located in the Red Racer factory.

After a long time hunting raiders, Tony stormed the Red Racer factory with two bodyguards and a protectron. He also took his dog with him, who had grew into a large attack dog. Tony and his party killed most of the raiders with ease and only found real trouble when the final wave of the raiders came. One of the bodyguards was killed in the first few seconds of the wave and the party received bad injuries at the end. Tony, one bodyguard and Rufus continued onto the leader, Bone. Tony and Bone spoke for a while before Bone let out the first fire. A pistol shot straight into Rufus' head. Tony went mad, he tackled the raider to the ground and repeatedly punched him in the face before slowly cutting his eyes out with a knife, causing Bone to die from shock and pain. Tony stood up, sighed deeply and left.

Tony not only left the Red Racer factory, but the Capital Wasteland. Tony ran and boarded a boat to a place called Point Lookout, he needed to get away from everything, be alone. Tony explored Point Lookout for a long while; searching abandoned houses, caves and other pre-War places. Tony witnessed the death of Marcella after Kyra Johnson set out to retrieve The Krivbeknih. Tony thought about assisting her but ultimately decided against it; he knew he should not get involved in other-worldly things such as The Krivbeknih.

Tony returned to the Capital Wasteland in early 2278. Instead of returning to his shack, as usual, Tony decided to explore north. He no longer felt any need to stay in the Capital Wasteland; since he had avenged his wife's death, but Tony still wanted to explore a bit before departing. Tony's Pip-Boy 3000 began receiving a strange signal that he didn't understand, there were voices but they did not make sense. The radio signal grew stronger as he traveled north and eventually he found the source of the signal. It was a true alien ship. Tony was bewildered, he had lived for more than 200 years and he had never seen such a vehicle. Back in the 2060s a lot of people talked about alien spaceships and life on other planets but Tony had never believed it, even as a teenager. Tony was too busy admiring the crashed spaceship to realize that a huge problem had just floated over him; suddenly a flash of bright light surrounded Tony as he, the spaceship and wasteland rubble was lifted into the air. The extreme energies that surrounded Tony knocked him unconscious.

Tony awoke on a mysterious, shimmering floor with nobody around. He was in some sort of cell with a strange electrical energy door. Toby witnessed a wastelander being carried by a huge electrical hook. Tony was astounded by the advanced technology, it was even more advanced than the technology that the Great War destroyed. However, he knew this technology could rip him and one hundred super mutants to shreds in a matter of seconds, and so Tony needed to escape. Using his Pip-Boy 3000, Tony managed to disable the force field door by exchanging energies between the two, he received an extreme electric shock but he managed to carry on.

After exploring the ship extensively, Tony managed to find a way to repair some of the teleporters, meaning he could get to the ship's control room and get out. Tony, deciding not to harm the alien race, only knocked out the aliens and subsequently made it back down to Earth. The impact landing was enough to break one of Tony's legs, he coughed and spluttered as he felt a new pain. Tony struggled to get up but finally found himself walking back on wasteland ground. Tony ended up in Megaton getting treated by Doc Church.

After his continual treatment, Tony traveled once again to the north. He had decided he did not want to stay in the Capital Wasteland. Tony heard about a place named The Pitt a place full of slaves and slavers. Tony did not believe this and decided to check the place out by himself. Once he arrived, he saw the truly bad conditions for everyone there. Most people were inflicted with a unique disease, Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion. This made the people's skin extremely bad, almost on par to Tony's own skin. Tony knew if he stayed in The Pitt for a longer time, he would've been a slave himself. Tony did not wish that upon himself and so he left, leaving the slaves behind.

Tony left The Pitt and the east coast behind in late 2278. He decided to travel back west and visit the Mojave Wasteland for the first time. After a long journey, Tony arrived in the Mojave Wasteland in January 2279. As soon as he arrived, he realized that in certain places ghouls were extremely badly treated compared to the Capital Wasteland. Eventually though, he received a tip from a non-bigoted traveler. There were a group of ghouls called the Bright Brotherhood hauled up at the REPCONN test site, near Novac. Tony went to them and he was welcomed into the Brotherhood. Despite not believing in the same things as Jason Bright, Tony still knew he was a good ghoul who was a good leader. Tony stayed with the Bright Brotherhood for two years.

In 2281 the Courier helped the Bright Brotherhood out with the rockets but Tony refused to board. He couldn't leave, he needed to stay on Earth. With the whole business with the Alien ship, Tony had had enough of flying. Tony left without seeing the result of the launch. After his departure from the Brotherhood, Tony left to travel the Mojave Wasteland by himself. The first place Tony wanted to visit was The Strip and he did exactly that. Despite the fact he was looked down upon by most gamblers, Tony still had a good time, he lost all his hard earned caps and then left. It was shortly after his time on The Strip that his feud with the Legion started.

Whilst leaving The Strip, Tony caught a sight of some men in the distance. He drew his weapon and looked through the scope. He saw many legion members camping. Tony had heard of Caesar's Legion from the gamblers at The Strip and he knew they were bad news. Tony decided to fire a shot at one of the legions. Tony's bullet hit the legion member in the head and killed him. Alerted, one of the legion scouts used their binoculars to search. Tony was spotted withdrawing his weapon and walking away. Two days after this, legion assassins were sent after him. Tony knew he could never beat all four of them by himself and so he gave himself up. Instead of killing him, the legion members knocked Tony out and tied him up.

Tony awoke in an unfamiliar place, the atmosphere was miserable and dull. Tony looked up and saw an old human male. The man introduced himself as Caesar and told Tony that he was now a slave. Caesar then said that he wasn't going to be doing normal slave duties, but he was going to be doing errands and things worthy of a legion member. Tony asked why and his question was answered simply: "because you can" was Caesar's answer. Tony sighed and nodded as a slave collar was placed upon his neck.

Tony's first task was a task privately set by Caesar. Tony was required to go to Zion Canyon to find out if the Burned Man was still alive. Caesar seemed extremely paranoid and sent Tony off on his own. He used his Pip-Boy 3000 to find out where Zion Canyon was and he set off in that way. He knew he couldn't run, the big metal collar on his neck would make sure he would be dead if he tried anything like it. Tony sighed and continued on to Zion Canyon.


Tony's unique Hunting rifle was given to him as a gift by his wife, shortly before his departure back to the Core Region in 2161. He decided to name his Hunting rifle "Executioner", due to extra power the rifle possessed.

Throughout the course of the rifle's career, it's ammo use had been changed twice. Originally the rifle used .223 ammo but with the ammo being scarce in the Capital Wasteland, Tony changed the ammo to .32 rounds, which were very common. Once again in 2281, he changed the ammo rounds to .308, which were much more powerful than the .32 rounds.

Tony constantly repaired and maintained the rifle and in 2277, he kitted out the rifle with a scope and an extended magazine. He added another modification in 2281: a custom bolt modification.



Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tony's Leather Jacket Executioner Stimpak x2
Note to Maggie

Fallout 2

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tony's Leather Jacket Executioner $1 NCR x100
Shack Key

Fallout 3

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tony's Jumpsuit Executioner Stimpak x8
Mole rat meat x2
Pack of cigarettes
Tony's Terminal Password
Shack Key

Fallout: New Vegas

(*) Until the completion of Come Fly With Me.
(**) Only while on The Strip.
(***) During his time as a slave.

Notable Quotes


  • "Goddammit, I need a doctor to help me."
  • "Radiation caused this?"
  • "I've got to go, my wife is waiting in Texas."

Fallout 2

Fallout 3

  • "All of those raider scum shall die."
  • "I'm looking for supplies..."
  • "Get out of my face."
  • "You fucking bastard!"

Fallout: New Vegas

  • "I can't escape from battle anywhere I go these days!"
  • "Listen boy, I know a lot more than you. The Divide is not a place to travel!"
  • "Sometimes I just don't understand how God could have destined me for this life."
  • "Talk to Jason Bright, he's a glowing one who won't try to eat you."
  • "Jason, I can't leave. I'm sorry..."
  • "I'm here to gamble and get away from my troubles, not to socialize. Sorry."
  • "Let me go you Legion scum!"


  • Despite his seemingly rough nature, Tony is kindhearted and cares about most people.
  • Tony's Shack contains a terminal full of information about himself.
  • Tony doesn't talk much, hence his mere 3 points in Charisma.
  • Tony considered his dog part of his family.
  • Tony is a frequent smoker.
  • Tony's Texas shack can be found in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. The shack contains a note from Tony.
  • An item belonging to Tony can be found in Fallout Tactics. The item is a broken pistol that belonged to him before the war.
  • Tony traveled to Jefferson sometime before the Great War.


Fallout/Fallout 2

Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas


Tony Richardson appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

Tony also appears in Fallout 3's expansions and Fallout: New Vegas' expansions.

Tony is mentioned in Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.