Raphael McCreed

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Raphael McCreed
raceHuman, Caucasian (Cyborg)
locationSearchlight Airport
appearancesFallout: New Vegas
base SPECIAL6 ST, 4 PE, 7 EN, 2 CH, 10 IN, 7 AG, 4 LK
tag skillsGuns
voice actorJack Dalley
base id0003742b
ref id000832e2

I live out here to get away from the rest of the world.

— Raphael McCreed

Raphael McCreed is a wanderer residing in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Raphael was born in 2261 on the East Coast, he traveled to the West Coast when he was four years old. Raphael spent the rest of his childhood and teenage years in Shady Sands and at the age of 18, he moved to the Mojave Wasteland to get away from the noise. Having spent a lifetime around charismatic and noisy individuals, Raphael decided to be alone, away from anything and everything.

After spending quite a long time in the Mojave Wasteland, Raphael has set up camp at Searchlight Airport and has began work on fixing up a plane to fly off to the East Coast.



  • Raphael was named by his father after the pre-War artist of the same name.
  • Raphael's preferred weapon is the .45 Auto pistol.
  • Raphael is taller than most human characters in Fallout: New Vegas, standing at 1.09 on a scale of 1.
  • Raphael has a Pip-Boy 3000 although it is unknown from whom or where he obtained it.

Notable Quotes

  • "I was brought up in the NCR, I never did like the big cities and the social idiots that the large cities brought."
  • "I've been to the Strip. The place was too big, too loud, too much like New Reno."
  • "Listen, if you want to start pissing me off, I have no quarrels about shooting my .45 at your forehead."
  • "Do not mistake my civility for friendliness, I don't need or want friends."
  • "You want my opinion? The NCR bores me, the Legion are plain evil, House is tyrannical and an independent Vegas sounds like a lot of work."
  • "I have no work for you. I'm a wanderer, an independent. I have no need for a worker."
  • "I have no family, it's just me out here."


Raphael McCreed appears in Fallout: New Vegas and all of its add-ons.

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