In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.— Kyra reciting a Bible Passage.

Kyra Stepaya is a drifter and scavenger living in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


Early life

Kyra Johnson was born in 2257. At a young age she traveled with her battle-hardened mother, Elise, throughout the ruins of Washington D.C. without a father to accompany her mother. She learned much about unarmed combat from her mother, she also taught Kyra about hacking and healing. After many years of traveling with her mother, Kyra eventually left her in Rivet City and began her own journey in 2274 at the age of 17. Kyra traveled around the Capital Wasteland as a scavenger and often did business with drifters she met along her journey. However, Kyra got bored of this life and returned to her mother in 2277. Her mother wanted her daughter to keep traveling, as she herself did in her youth, and so Elise told her daughter that her father was still alive, but he was living life as a Raider. Kyra was angered and shocked, she didn't listen to another word her mother said and she immediately ran off, in no particular direction, to find her father.

Finding her father

On the 27th of August, 2277 Kyra found her father residing with numerous other raiders in the only Super-Duper Mart in the Capital Wasteland. When her father saw her nearing the entrance to the pre-War supermarket, he commanded all the other raiders to put their guns away. Kyra was suddenly approached by a raider who asked her politely to go with him. Kyra was confused and thought the raider was just leading her into an ambush and so she readied her Power Fist and punched the raider hard in the stomach. The raider coughed and spluttered but then grabbed Kyra by the wrist and dragged her to the Super-Duper Mart with the assistance of two other raiders.

Kyra was guided into the pharmacy of the Super-Duper Mart and the door was shut behind her. Standing in front of her was another raider but he was taller and looked much older compared to the other raiders in the supermarket. The man turned around and revealed himself as Marcus, Kyra's father. Kyra was angry that this man was expecting a nice greeting. The two argued for ten minutes before Kyra once again lashed out, she punched her father in the face with her Power Fist. Kyra's father barely moved from the hit and retaliated by knocking his daughter out with a lead pipe.

Life as a slave

When Kyra regained consciousness, she was no longer in the Super-Duper Mart, she was now in a fenced off area outside. There were four other people with her, an old man, a female ghoul, a drunken man and an African-American woman. The African-American woman greeted her as she awoke, she introduced herself as Bleak and told Kyra of her unfortunate new life as a slave. Kyra was horrified because she knew exactly who had sent her into this life, her own father. Kyra knew that she needed to get out of the slave pen as soon as possible, she couldn't stay in there, she needed to find her father and kill him! Bleak immediately explained a plan to escape to Kyra, all Bleak needed was a bobby pin. Kyra searched her pockets and found one, the guards didn't search her that extensively, it seemed. She handed the bobby pin to Bleak and she walked over to the gate and watched the guards silently.

Kyra knew it could be days or weeks or months before she got out of captivity and so she trained herself everyday to keep fit, doing push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises to keep her strength and fitness up. She was just biding her time whilst Bleak told her to put their plan into action, but Kyra was getting impatient, she had already been locked up for a few weeks, but she said nothing and continued to wait.

Another week later a slaver named Forty opened the lock to the gate and walked inside the slave pen. He then slowly walked over to Kyra, grabbed her by the arm and took her out of the pen. Kyra said nothing as she was dragged away into another building, the sign outside the building said Eulogy's pad. Kyra knew that Eulogy Jones was the slaver leader in Paradise Falls from Bleak. Just as Kyra was dragged into the building, she elbowed Forty in the rib and tripped him up. Kyra seized the opportunity to run and she escaped Paradise Falls with her life. She knew that she would have to return there soon. Luckily, her collar did not explode when she left, she wondered why this was but ignored the fact.

Killing her father

One month after escaping from Paradise Falls, Kyra was ready to go after her father. She had obtained a new Power fist and a new gun. Kyra found her father just outside the Super-Duper Mart, he was on his own. Blood surrounded him, all his raiders had been killed. Kyra realised he was bleeding to death. She walked over, closed her eyes and shot him in the head. She did the act out of hatred and mercy. Kyra returned to her mother in Rivet City shortly after.

Point Lookout

Kyra became depressed after she had killed her father, not only because of what she did to her father but because of other things she had done in the past. She left the other slaves and saved herself. Kyra was ashamed of herself and she knew that she had to leave the Capital Wasteland for a while. She decided to go to Point Lookout in early 2278 and see what she could scavenge and find there.

After Kyra got to Point Lookout she immediately started exploring. The first person she encountered was Marcella, a religious missionary. She taught Kyra of the Bible and of Christianity. She also recited a few passages from The Holy Book. Kyra was grateful for what Marcella taught her, it put her mind at ease and helped her to overcome her depression. Kyra said goodbye to Marcella and continued on her way.

A few days after her initial encounter with Marcella, she once again saw her. Marcella spoke about a strange book called the The Krivbeknih. Kyra was confused about it but learned that Marcella was searching for the book. Marcella told Kyra of Dunwich Building in the Capital Wasteland which is the place where the book must be destroyed. Kyra asked what she planned to do after destroying the book. Marcella mentioned The Pitt, a place full of slaves and slavers. Kyra shivered with the thought and remembered Bleak and the other slaves, whom she failed to save. Kyra decided to travel with Marcella, she wanted to do some good and obtain The Krivbeknih and afterwards help Marcella help the slaves of The Pitt.

The first task that Kyra did for Marcella was going to talk to Obadiah Blackhall in the Blackhall Manor. Kyra needed to find out more about The Krivbeknih. She found the manor and spoke to the old man, who told her that the book could be found in a ritual basement, on the site of a burned out shack. Kyra decided she would go there immediately and retrieve the book. She fought many swampfolk to retrieve the book and after she picked it up, she escaped the basement and returned to Marcella.

Only Marcella wasn't alive anymore, she had been brutalized by Smugglers. Kyra listened to a holotape addressed to her. It detailed how Kyra needed to go to Dunwich Building and destroy the book. Kyra gripped onto the book and ran back to Tobar the Ferryman.

Destroying the Krivbeknih

As soon as Kyra returned to the Capital Wasteland, she traveled to Dunwich Building, she encountered many ghouls inside but dispatched them easily. She kept experiencing visions whilst she was progressing through the building. Things kept flying off of desks and shelves too, this worried Kyra, she now truly believed that The Krivbeknih needed to be destroyed urgently. Kyra eventually made it to the basement, where she found ghouls worshiping an obelisk. She dealt with the ghouls and pressed the book against the obelisk. The room and the book set on fire and the deed was done.

Kyra left Dunwich Building after seeing some of the most terrifying things in the world. She had another task to do, help the slaves of The Pitt.

The Pitt

On the way to the north to meet with Wernher (after hearing his radio broadcast), members of the Talon Company attacked Kyra, they were sent by Eulogy Jones. Kyra killed each of them with her Power fist and continued on her way.

Far to the north, Kyra finally met with Wernher who explained The Pitt's crisis. Kyra explained to him that she was an escaped slave from Paradise Falls and so she knew what it was like to be a slave. Wernher told Kyra to get a slave outfit from some nearby slaves. Kyra went on her way to get her outfit. It didn't take Kyra long to reach her destination, and when she did find the slaves, she immediately killed all the slavers and rescued the slaves. She reluctantly took a dead slave's outfit and wore it.

Kyra then got on a handcart to The Pitt. Once she had arrived in The Pitt she saw how truly terrible the conditions were, Slaves were being shot at and they all had untended wounds. Everybody was ill and there was absolutely nothing anybody could do.Wernher's plan was impossible and so Kyra just became a slave. Anything she could do to help the other slaves and it seemed picking up a metal cutter was the only thing she could do. Wernher realized that Kyra wasn't going to steal the cure from Ashur and so he returned to the Capital Wasteland to find a new person.

Over the months that Kyra was in The Pitt she heard many stories from Midea and she found another slave from the Capital Wasteland. His name was Ricky and he was a slave in Paradise Falls shortly after Kyra escaped, he was transferred to The Pitt a few weeks after Kyra's arrival. He and Kyra got on extremely well and eventually, the pair began an escape plan. Kyra was an unarmed expert and could work quickly with her hands, disabling landmines. Ricky was good with guns and could take out any snipers or ranged slavers. The two worked on their plan for weeks, Kyra thinking how stupid it was to go to The Pitt in the first place.

Ricky and Kyra eventually escaped The Pitt and together returned to the Capital Wasteland. Kyra took him to Rivet City and then the two said a tearful goodbye to each other.

After she returned from The Pitt Kyra returned to her life at Rivet City with her mother, she needed a rest from traveling, the adventures she had in 2277 and 2278 were tiring. After spending several years around the Washington, D.C. area, she had been Pinkerton's apprentice for a while and so she learned more about science. Eventually in 2281 Kyra decided to find some place new to travel to.


Fallout 3

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Wasteland Doctor Fatigues Power fist
10mm pistol

Notable Quotes

Fallout 3

  • "You are truly pathetic!"
  • "Come on you mutie bastard!"
  • "Dad... You fucking left us! All for these piece of shit Raiders?"
  • "Time to die asshole!"
  • "I'm sorry dad."




Kyra Johnson appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.