Lyons did a good job protecting the wasteland... but that wasn't our mission.— David Occide

David Occide is a human male who was born in 2258. Although young, David Occide proved himself to be reliable and strong for the Brotherhood of Steel at the worst of times. David left the Brotherhood of Steel in favor of the Brotherhood Outcasts in late 2278.


Born in a small town in Ronto, David Occide loved to explore and travel as a young boy. His parents, Rhonda and George Occide, also traveled around a lot. They were originally from California, but moved to Ronto three years before David's birth. Along with traveling and exploring, David also had a fascination with Energy Weapons, the way they fired and the way they were put together, it all amazed David to the extent that his father gifted a Laser rifle to him on his 11th birthday. David still carried the same Laser rifle in 2277 and 2281, although it had been upgraded.


* Worn until the completion of Broken Steel.


David Occide appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

He also appears in both games' DLC.