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    My Fallout 4 Wishlist.

    January 26, 2014 by JackD791

    This is a list of personal wishes for Fallout 4:

    • Ability to change height
    • Ability to change weight
    • Scars on face and body and can place where you want with no exceptions (eyes possibly shot out, etc)
    • Muscle slider (not weight like on Skyrim)
    • Ability to choose from a variety of voices
    • Hair and/or beards to move and not just stay static
    • Character clothing to also not stay static but move in the wind and when running/walking
    • Aging availability
    • Name has First, Middle (optional) and Last sections

    • More weather cycles, the same weather 24/7 gets boring
    • More locations to visit, not just added with DLC. Perhaps have two worldspaces instead of just one. Come on Bethesda you've had plenty of time to work on this game we deserve a huge map
    • Better NPCs, Obsidian …

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  • JackD791

    Vergil Krew

    September 12, 2012 by JackD791

    |tag skills =Energy Weapons
    Melee Weapons |footer = }}

    Captain Vergil Krew was an Enclave officer in 2241 and 2277.

    Vergil Krew was born within the Enclave in 2223. As a child he was brought up around energy weapons, advanced technology and a lot of science. His father was an Enclave officer whilst his mother was an Enclave scientist, his parents taught him about combat and technology and Vergil grew up to be strong and intelligent. In 2239 Vergil joined the Enclave formerly as an officer. He advanced to the rank of sergeant within two years because of his strength, intelligence and no-nonsense attitude. His fellow soldiers and officers respected him for his qualities.

    In 2241, Vergil was stationed around Navarro but often traveled …

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  • JackD791

    David Occide

    August 16, 2012 by JackD791

    |tag skills =Energy Weapons
    Science }}

    David Occide is a human male who was born in 2258. Although young, David Occide proved himself to be reliable and strong for the Brotherhood of Steel at the worst of times. David left the Brotherhood of Steel in favor of the Brotherhood Outcasts in late 2278.

    Born in a small town in Ronto, David Occide loved to explore and travel as a young boy. His parents, Rhonda and George Occide, also traveled around a lot. They were originally from California, but moved to Ronto three years before David's birth. Along with traveling and exploring, David also had a fascination with Energy Weapons, the way they fired and the way they were put together, it all amazed David to the extent that his father gifted a L…

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  • JackD791

    Alicia Meyer

    August 16, 2012 by JackD791

    |location =New California Republic 2241
    Crimson Caravan camp 2281 |family =Ralph Meyer - Brother |quests =Complete brahmin drive (FO2)
    You Can Depend on Me (FNV) |traits =Small Frame |tag skills =Small Guns (FO2)
    Guns (FNV)
    Speech |footer =
    Alicia Meyer's concept image from the Van Buren design document. }}

    Alicia Meyer is a caravan guard in 2241, 2253 and 2281.

    Alicia Meyer was born in July 2224. Alicia never met her parents, since her father died six months before her birth and her mother died in childbirth. With no parents, Alicia was left to be raised by her sixteen year old brother in the New California Republic. Alicia was raised happily and was taught survival techniques by her brother.

    At age 15, Alicia joined…

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  • JackD791

    Tony Richardson

    August 11, 2012 by JackD791

    |tag skills =Small Guns (FO1, FO2, FO3)
    Guns (FNV)
    Science }}

    Tony Richardson is a pre-War Ghoul, originally a human from Vault 12. He was born in 2050, 27 years before the Great War. Tony became a ghoul shortly after the Great War due to Vault 12's Vault-Tec experiment.

    Tony left Necropolis (and Vault 12) in 2157, and has resided in Texas (from 2157 - 2190), the Capital Wasteland (from 2190 - 2279) and the Mojave Wasteland (from 2281). He traveled the Core Region on two separate occasions; once in 2161 and once in 2241.

    Tony retained both his facial hair and his head hair upon his ghoulification and has subsequently kept it for more than 200 years.

    Tony was born in 2050 in Bakersfield, California. At the age of 14, he met the love of his …

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