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    Here's the second half of answers for our New Vegas fan interview from Bethesda Softworks Forums.

    Thanks for submitting the questions, and special thanks to Josh Sawyer for taking the time to answer them.

    How many new perks are there planned to be included in Fallout: New Vegas? From Oerjeke via Bethesda Blog
    Project Director Josh Sawyer: A lot. We've removed some old perks, modified some existing perks, and added a bunch of new ones. We believe that New Vegas' selection of perks will make the selection process difficult but rewarding for the player.
    Will the Fallout: New Vegas Version of the GECK ship with the game, or be downloadable on release? From @The3rdType via Twitter

    JS: Yes. In addition to the normal GECK functionality F3 modders have c…

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