1. Everytime Rob says some political BS he doenst understand; two fingers.
  2. Everytime Jasper mentions Felicia Day/Veronica; two fingers.
  3. Everytime Chris says the first part of the Navy SEAL copy-pasta; two fingers.
  4. Everytime someone is called welsh; two fingers. Caller must finish the callee's drink.
  5. Everytime Mafia mentions cards; two fingers.
  6. Everytime DBZ is brought up; three fingers.
  7. For every ":3" posted; one finger
  8. If an old, inactive user enters chat/is mentioned by name, finish your drink out of sheer respect for the dead.
  9. If CoD4 speaks everyone must say "Kino der Toten". Last person to do so must finish their drink.
  10. If Jspoel enters chat, everyone must say "Hello, Mr Anderson" last person to do so must finish everyone's drink.