Vault Lima was one of three vaults (Echo, Lima, and Yankee)involved in Project Vanguard. Vault Lima housed the 1st Army 8th Mechanized Division, Charlie Company as well as the Air Force 15th Bomber Wing and their bombers for their redeployment after an atomic war.

The bunker seemed to be doomed from the start. Vault-Tec was commissioned to build the bunker underneath the Grandforks Air Force Base in the North Eastern part of the Northern Commonwealth in 2067. They worked for less than six months before dropping the job due to the overwhelming amount of work that Project Safehouse required.

Local contractors were then hired to finish the bunker, finishing in September 2077. On the day the bombs fell, only half of the troops assigned to the bunker made it inside before a malfunction caused the door to close early, trapping the remaining troops outside and the others inside.

In June of 2115, the main reactor exploded. The sub-par materials used by the local contractors, combined with the reactor explosion caused a major collapse in the aircraft storage area, killing 23 airmen and sealing it off from the rest of the bunker.

Air Force members blamed the Army for the explosion. Tensions grew until on August 21st, 2115 at 8:43 a.m. a bomb was detonated in the Army mess hall, killing 40 and injuring 12. This sparked a civil war between the Army and Air Force. The Army's power armor balanced out with the Air Force's larger numbers causing large and bloody battles in the halls of the bunker. The civil war only lasted 8 days, but in the end, 391 of the 406 Army personnel were killed, while all 703 Air Force personnel were killed.

The remaining 15 began work on the main door trying to fix it.

One year after the work began, Private Amanda Huxley gives birth to a boy- Brian Huxley. Amanda dies during childbirth.

Three years later, the door is repaired and the remaining 14 as well as the young Brian Huxley leave the Vault.

In 2143, Brian Huxley returns with 12 others to use the Vault to establish a base of operations for the Vanguards.