New Vegas patch 1.02 released on the PS3

The new, comprehensive patch for Fallout: New Vegas has finally been released on the PS3. Players on the other platforms are still waiting for it.

The full changelog has not been published yet, but here's a partial list of changes compiled by official forum users and our own commenters:

  • Companions now fast travel to the appropriate location when dismissed by the player
  • Companions are now marked as indicators on the Pip-Boy map
  • EC/ECP/MC ammo (standard) now has -2 DT
  • EC/ECP/MC ammo (over charge) now has -5 DT
  • EC/ECP/MC ammo (max charge) now has -10 DT
  • Multiplas Rifle now consumes 3 units of ammo per shot (previously 6)
  • Plasma Defender now consumes 2 units of ammo per shot (previously 3)
  • All reputation safehouses have been updated with additional supplies (armor, weapons, ammunition, skill magazines)
  • All-Purpose Science Suit (13 DT, 2 WG, +5 Science) can now be found in the Followers' Safehouse (previously cut content from Fallout 3)
  • NCR Ranger Combat Armor can now be found in the NCR Safehouse
  • HELIOS One infinite experience exploit has been fixed
  • More .45 and 12.7mm ammo available from vendors (e.g. Gun Runners)
  • The Raul / Ranger Andy bug is fixed

If you find any other changes, please post them in the comments!

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