You probably think this is one of those standard whining blogs about how evil the Aussie government is for censoring games, right? Well, it isn't.

Sure, the Aussie government is evil (for many and varied reasons), but what I want to rant about is the misinterpretation of their censorship laws as they apply to video games. Here in The Vault, elsewhere on the internet and even in casual conversation, I hear all sorts of crap about censorship in my fair land, most of which is just stupid.

For those of you who feel like it, check out the wikipedia article and learn the truth.

If, like many, you just can't be bothered and want someone to spell it out for you, I'll give you a quick summary:

Australia got exactly the same version of FO3 as everyone else

Sure, the Aussie government caused the name change from Morphine to Med-X, but go turn on your copy of FO3. Have a look in your PIP-boy, you have Med-X too. So suck it up princess.

GTA4 was also eventually uncensored

You might have heard that the Aussie version of GTA4 had a fixed camera angle during the in-car sex scenes with hookers. Sure, that was true for a little while, but the OFLC (the Aussie version of the Ministry of Truth) rated the uncut version MA once Rockstar decided to try to get it classified, and a patch restored all of the hooker-oggling action. Hurrah.

Yes, L4D2 was censored

No denying that, it was censored. Turned a crap game into an even more crap one. Send a letter to Big Whoop Magazine.

AVP was classified MA

Thats right, any beat up you heard about AVP not being permitted release is horrendously out of date.