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    You probably think this is one of those standard whining blogs about how evil the Aussie government is for censoring games, right? Well, it isn't.

    Sure, the Aussie government is evil (for many and varied reasons), but what I want to rant about is the misinterpretation of their censorship laws as they apply to video games. Here in The Vault, elsewhere on the internet and even in casual conversation, I hear all sorts of crap about censorship in my fair land, most of which is just stupid.

    For those of you who feel like it, check out the wikipedia article and learn the truth.

    If, like many, you just can't be bothered and want someone to spell it out for you, I'll give you a quick summary:

    Australia got exactly the same version of FO3 as everyone e…

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  • Ishotamaninnewreno

    One of the major influences of the Fallout series' asthetics, the Mad Max series of films has had a 4th film given the green light and filming is to be done, as per the originals, in outback Australia.

    The film has been stuck in development hell for more than 20 years and this is a major step towards realising another film. Previously, it had been indicated that it would be made as an animated feature but a live action version will now be produced.

    More details here.

    Are we going to see Fallout returning the favour and providing some artistic inspiration for this movie? Have a look at this gallery to see some raiders who could fit right into a live-action Fallout.

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    Headed down to the GO3 expo today in sunny (finally!) Perth. GO3 is a pretty small sort of event, featuring gaming, electronics and general nerdery, we all know what I mean. Anyway, as I'm walking around I get caught in a conversation with this guy spruiking a FREE! (which obviously means it isnt) MMOG called Barbados or Bermuda or something similarly tropical sounding.

    After he flipped me a couple of free discs and accidentally let on that you have to pay for everything in game with real money, I posed him a moral question, as follows:

    "Suppose I'm playing your dubiously-named game, and something steals from me, is that considered theft in the real world?"

    He answered immediately that of course it would be. So I followed up with another one: …

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