I've tried to play the first games in the Fallout franchise a bunch of times. I didn't do PC gaming when they first came out, I was on a console. (With the exception of the Warcraft RTS games...which I would beg, borrow, or steal time with). So I missed Fallout 1 and 2 and BoS completely. By the time I realized what I was missing the controls were far too arcane for me to pick up...I cannot enjoy them no matter how hard I try (and I downloaded and even bought them all) they are lost to me because the controls (which may have been good at the time) truly suck to any modern gamer. (Sorry)

Fallout 3 was the first game that I could sink my teeth into, and as such, when I think about Fallout I think about the DC wasteland. Is the story and characterization bad by comparison to its predecessors? It doesn't matter...I can walk around and have fun, and most importantly I don't have to rage quit when it takes me 4 menus and 30 clicks to kill a rat.

I've included this information on my blog space to prove a point. I don't feel the need to comment ANYWHERE else on the site about one has to read this if they aren't actively seeking it out. It's not wasting space and annoying people looking for insightful comments that relate to the subject matter at hand. Maybe Follow my lead?