While I haven't yet retaken the Castle, I've discovered that I can wander down that way and introduce Gauss-diplomacy to a bunch of Mirelurks for the fun of it. Afterwards, there's a handy diner (Sullivan's, I'm guessing by what remains of the sign) to park at, with views of the river. A missile launcher has just enough range to entice the Super Mutants on the opposite wharf to come out and make sport with the Rust Devils camped on a barge - excellent mid-morning-snack entertainment! I heard Ada comment that "We're exposed here sir, we should move on" but I was enjoying the show so shrugged it off. To add to the fireworks, a Vertibird charged into the affray, minigun blazing. "Aha!" thinks me, another target of opportunity. Since installing Far Harbour, I've had these Radium Rifles drop occasionaly, one in particular I like does extra explosive damage. Perfect tool for the job!

NOW - Murphy's Law dictates that if a thing can go wrong, it will - at the worst possible moment.

In an instant, the fun and games went to Heck in a handbasket! Dogmeat began barking stridently, Ada informed me that her sensors indicated an immediate threat - and the burning Vertibird began falling right where I was sitting. Who codes this stuff? In the sprit of the game, I popped a Jet and turned to advance bravely to the rear - only to discover that my ideal snack spot is surrounded by a chain-link fence and several wrecked cars. Tangled in fencing, burning Vertibird to the back of the neck, exploding, burning vehicles all about - only thing that saved me from becoming a crispy crittur was my asbestos-lined longjohns.

Of course, while I wasn't watching, the Mirelurks had respawned...
IG myst sig 05:56, October 4, 2016 (UTC)