I mentioned in a post to Favorite Settlements about a settler who seemed to wander about, hands in pockets or standing by the cook-fire drinking coffee, sitting in My favourite chair with MY fishing rod. THAT particular fellow met with an unfortunate accident.
Blow me down if a few days later while starting another settlement, who do I spy but a familiar shifty specimen standing by the stove drinking coffee. Now, I know this is just a game, pixels & command strings pinging about in my computer, but seriously? Some devious, malicious coder programmed ONE settler to be the bane of settlement existence?
I donned my genuine Detective's Silver Shroud Hat and followed the miscreant about. Sho' nuff, all he did was find a chair and sit in it; wander about aimlessly; or as soon as I added a slot machine for recreation - he was on it like a seagull on a stray chip! Yes, the workshop stats say his allotted task is being performed, but I didn't once see him go near what he was supposed to be doing.
There's a quiet corner in Hangman's Alley, poorly lit, out of view...

I MUST put up those safety posters warning settlers of the dangers of Industrial Accidents.
IG myst sig 16:37, October 3, 2016 (UTC)