White Wash


War. War never changes.

In 1776 the colonies in the America's declared independence from their English rulers. This set off the feeling of individuality that Americans kept until their end in 2077.

But war never changes.

The patriotic pride the America had been so known for faded. Fueled by hatred in the government that had failed them, the survivors began to retrogress. Especially in the American southwest. California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Tribes of uncivilized, barely sane survivors became commonplace. Some tribes fared better than others. A tribal from northern California saved the world from its old masters. A handful of tribes in southern Nevada was given the jewel of the wastes, and of sin. Then there was the Legion.

Led by one man dubbed "Ceaser" the Legion swept through the southwest. Swallowing whole all who opposed. They came to an impasse. New Vegas. Held by the might of New California, the Legion could not take the dam alone. Nor could the NCR push the Legion back alone. Their leader soon died. The Legion was in trouble. Without a competent successor the Legion would crumble. Realizing this many isolated populations began trying to escape from their failed society. Just as the American colonies did over 500 years ago.

Nowhere was this more true than Colorado. Where the city of Aspen is determined to create a power. Free of the corruption of the NCR, and the slavery of the Legion. So they rose and started their government. Controlling areas such as Glenwood Springs, Montrose, and their capital, Aspen. Their army, now 5,000 strong, began marching. They have their eyes on Denver. They intend to take it.

You a member of their special forces, a team of 100. Your task is to gather an army to destroy the rest of the Legion. Things will not be so easy. The Centuries have not been kind to the Colorado Wasteland. Slavers, mutants, traitors, and the annoying issue of ethics abound.

Life in Colorado, is about to change.