The Dogs is a free update for Fallout: New Vegas which adds a new area and short quest line to the game. It was released on 15th May 2015 and was made to promote the upcoming Bethesda E3 conference.


Scavenger Camp A small camp near the Devils Throat. It is made entirely of tents, as its not supposed to be a permanent residence. It is inhabited by a large group of prospectors from eastern Colorado dressed equally as simple as their camp.The most remarkable thing about it is its role as the quest hub for the update. Also the dogs. There's a lot of dogs.

Bunker E3 A small, empty missile silo in western Arizona. It is the area the main quest will take you. During the great war the missile housed here had a small error in it's take off. Due to this the entire center of the silo is completely empty. The only thing still intact is the control area, entrance, bunkers robotic security, and a small, well stocked armory. The armory houses several sets of high value equipment like combat armor and t-51bs. However, behind a pulse field in the armory is the reason the player comes here. 2 sets of an advanced power armor

I-40 Very short New world space. Just a long stretch of road with a few dozen cars scattered around. Connects to the southern part of the Mojave. at the end of this road is a chain link fence around a the elevator to Bunker E3. There is nothing else of note here.


Know when to fold em' Warren needs a new set of armor so he can assert his dominance over other scavenger clans in Colorado. He knows just the place to find them. Bunker E3. He wants the player to get it and offers 1000 caps and allows the player to keep anything he finds in the bunker. After this quest the Scavenger Camp, as well as all the scavengers and dogs, will disappear from the world.


Warren The sole named character in the update. He can be asked about various things like background on Denver and Boulder, as well as the state of Northern Nevada. He will tell the player that the dogs around the camp are a special breed only found in Denver. He will also send the player on the sole quest of the update. Once he gets his armor he will tell the player "If you're ever in Denver, look me up." and will disappear, along with his crew, camp, and dogs.


Armor Shipment Transcript; "We got this new powered armor from our depot in Oregon today. These things are crazy! They offer more protection then our T-51bs AND they're lighter! LIGHTER! General Harven says that we should have troops deployed in China with these things before the year is out. I sent A shipment of the rest to our boys in Canada, by Babcock's request. It's stopping off with you In Chicago. It probably got there yesterday actually. I'll send this up today. If you could make sure it gets up to Toronto I'd be in your debt. We're swamped down here. Gob bless America! Your Friend, Quartermaster Jeremy Carkiher. U.S. Army sergeant."


U.S. Army advanced power armor