I downloaded LR last night and I started playing it at level 7 (Yes I have completed the game more than once) with limited stimpacks and ammo, and only 1700 caps.

The Good The DLC is very good in general, I like the new weapons, and I like the new armor sets that are included.

Also worth mentioning is that the DLC is very stable, before the DLC nukes could cause a severe drop in FPS, but using the Nuke on Lonesome Road ... has no FPS drop, which is brilliant.

I really liked the fact that we can now "Deter" deathclaws with the Flare gun, giving you time to escape from it.

Also good is the fact you can go back to the Mojave at any time during the lonesome Road quests.

The Bad I was very disappointed with two weapons, the Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun and the Nail gun, they are both very weak, causing little damage. The firing rates on both guns is wrong, the nail gun's fire rate is too high, while the SMMG's fire rate is too slow, if the fire rates were to be swapped around it would make it much better. The SMMG looks like a minigun but sadly does not act like one.

Equipment costs way too much to purchase (the new equipment), however this is kinda offset by the high price you can sell your equipment for. But still we're talking over 50'000 caps for a weapon mod.

Another disapointment was ED-E's combat ability, its weapons do not do much damage to enemies. Although I did notice that he was able to cause a lot of damage to the tunnelers.

I also hate the Flashbangs, if you accidentally get caught in it's blast most (if not all) of your skills will take a really bad penalty, in some cases taking your skills down to 0. Luckilly this affect lasts only a little while.

I did not like the mines that were placed at all, just one of them took half of my HP off and crippled my limbs even though I had a fairly high DT.

Overall Overall I really like Lonesome Road, it has great story telling, and it's the most stable DLC for Fallout yet with very little glitches or bugs. It is well worth the £7.99 (PSN) and 800MSP (Xbox). You can even go back to The Divide if you have missed out on anything, at anytime you want, making this addon well worth it.