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  • Illage3

    Opinion - Old World Blues.

    February 17, 2012 by Illage3

    I really enjoyed the DLC Old World blues, it's full of amazing weapons etc to find. The characters are interesting, and there are a lot of cool things to see and do such as splicing a human and a dog together and causing quite a mess.

    The good

    Weapon and equipment wise the DLC is amazing, I love the LAER and the FIDO. However the K9000/Fido don't sound powerful enough given their size. However, sound isn't everything, and the guns/weapons themselves are quite powerful.

    The DLC also encourages exploration as many of the quests will take you to pretty much every location on the DLC, aside from one or two locations.

    I also liked the ability to take all your equipment with you, this meant I did not have to make do with the crap weapons that earli…

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  • Illage3

    Before GRA came out, I never once thought of using the Anti-Material rifle. This is mainly due to the fact that I am not a great sniper, and prefer using other guns. The gun was too heavy, the ammo was too expensive and overall it would have proven to be too much of a hassle to carry around with me.

    However, when the GRA variant came out, I was hooked right away. I found out using the explosive rounds and 100 guns skill, makes the rifle a Death Claw killer, as I found myself destroying most Death Claws in one hit, I even went to the Death Claw nest in Quarry Junction and took out every DC without getting hit.

    I have yet to kill the legendary Deathclaw and Irradiated Deathclaws yet, but it's looking like a positive outcome.

    Yes the ammo is sti…

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  • Illage3

    One of the things about Fallout 3 and New Vegas is that I never seem to use the Fat man (Except for outside the GNR buliding on Fallout 3 but that is the only time I ever use it).

    I don't like using it. While it has a big explosion and it deals a lot of damaage, I just don't think it's fun to use, and blowing someone up with a nuke ins't satisifying enough.

    I prefer to use normal guns, as they are fun to use and I can cripple an enemy's limbs easier adding to their suffering, before I put a bullet in thier knee err I mean brain. Shooting an enemy's arm or legs off is quite satisfying.

    I have recently started using the Meltdown perk, which is also quite good, but not for crippiling limbs :'(

    I am a legendary weapone whore, I like finding them a…

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  • Illage3

    Fallout 4 - My thoughts.

    January 31, 2012 by Illage3

    It has been quite sometime since I posted anything relevant here on the wiki, and I figured it was about time I posted something for the community to read.

    I have been seeing a lot of posts on the wiki with everyone's ideas for Fallout 4, so I am going to share my thoughts.


    One of the most common idea's is to set the game in either the Midwest or New York city, while I am in favor of the New York city setting, I'd like the game to be set in another country for a change.

    The fallout universe is vast and large and so far we've only seen the USA side of the stories, and I for one would like to see how the great war affected other parts of the world.

    I personally think that Fallout 4 should be set in the UK considering how close the UK and…

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  • Illage3

    Opinions on GRA and CS.

    September 29, 2011 by Illage3

    I managed to get my hands on both of the new DLC's and they were really cheap and took up very little HDD space. I am here to give you my opinions and thoughts on them. (I have not yet had a chance to use all the new weapons but I will be basing my opinions on the new weapons I have actually used)

    The good The weapons are very good, I especially like the APW grenade launcher, oddly enough it was one of the cheaper weapons priced at only 7000Caps (with Barter skill 25). I also love the new shotgun rounds.

    The CS weapons are amazing, I love the look of the Weathered 10mm Pistol, it looks like it has been chrome plated and cleaned, in fact it doesn't even look weathered but it does a greater ammount of damage and can shoot more rounds before nee…

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