Okay, so I've discovered that mostly ALL original Fallout players have a problem with Fallout:3 and it's heart tugging story line. PLEASE inform me as to why this is! Fallout three's story line follows the story of the lone wanderer, a teenager growing up in Vault-101. When TLW finds their dad missing they embark into the harsh depths of the Capital Wasteland (the most affected state of nuclear war). After strenuous searching and pain the lone wanderer finds out that his father is a scientist working on making clean water for D.C. The Enclave step in and liberate D.C until the wanderer is left with the harshest of choices....What is not to love? I felt emotionally attached to my 19 year old searching for his father. In my opinion its better than looking for a water chip Vegas doesn't really have a quest line, it's more of a campaign for an fps. WHY NO LOVE 4 FALLOUT 3 OR IT"S STORY????????!!!!!!! Skyrim ftw.