Okay, so here is my view on this whole situation. In 1997 a game titled Fallout was released, this game was amazing, revolutionary even! It's story line was amazing,the game play was interesting and unique but it lacked something.....sales and popularity.

Fallout 2 was released and it was no different.

In 2006, Bethesda softworks released their latest masterpiece...The Elder Scrolls:IV Oblivion.This game actually was revolutionary. It was what a next-gen game should of looked like! It's open-mindedness and open-worldedness was the most amazing thing ever to be released. It had amazing sales and HUGE popularity and won Game of the year exactly like the game before it MORROWIND.

In 2008, Bethesda game studios released their newsest RPG experience...Fallout:3. This game boosted the popularity of the older Fallout games and Interplay. This game combined amazing stories of the Fallout universe, with outstanding graphics and over 200 hours of exploring and quest line.

In....when did New Vegas get released? I didn't even care. Obsidian made a total wreck of the Fallout universe. it's story line was horribly disfigured and made me sick all the way through. I beat it, finished all the quests, and found all the locations in about........thirty hours of gameplay? That's enough about shit vegas, it's making me very ill.

In 2011. Bethesda game studios released.............THE ELDER SCROLLS:V SKYRIM!!! This game IS revolutionary, a game where you can be who you want, live how you want, do what you want. This game is going to win GOTY. Also this game is almost completely different for everyone. Amazing quality, graphics, the only problem.....It made the Elder scrolls mainstream....

So to you original fallout fans you must understand. Morrowind won GOTY, Oblivion won GOTY, Fallout 3 won GOTY, so if you want the Fallout universe to stay alive...Consider backing Bethesda game studios.