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  • HunterZ

    Broken Steel

    June 10, 2011 by HunterZ

    Having finished the other 4 DLCs with Broken Steel already installed, I returned to the latter's quests. Here are my thoughts:

    • I think my favorite aspect of this DLC was probably the level design for the main quest locations. They really packed a lot of little details and tons of loot into those areas, and Adams Air Force Base was also notable as probably the largest contiguous fenced-off area that I think I've seen in Fallout 3.
    • Lag-Bolt's combat armor finally provided a slight but definitive upgrade to Ranger battle armor, although I had to console hack to counteract a bug (see the Ugly section below) that was effectively penalizing me for the loss of the latter's luck bonus when it wasn't supposed to.
    • The 10 additional player character lev…

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  • HunterZ

    Point Lookout

    June 6, 2011 by HunterZ

    Continuing to play through the Fallout 3 DLCs, I have recently finished Point Lookout. As with my previous blog post on The Pitt, I'll do a Good/Bad/Ugly breakdown:

    • Discounting Broken Steel, Point Lookout is the only true "overworld exploration" DLC - where you can roam freely over a (smaller-than-captial-wasteland) world map to discover waypoints and other places of interest. Since exploration is generally my favorite part of CRPGs, this appealed to me greatly.
    • There are a couple of nontrivial, unrelated quest lines to tackle in addition to the exploration.
    • The lever-action / Backwater rifle is really, really good and makes 10mm ammo useful again in the late-game.
    • A lot of new art assets were used (like in Mothership Zeta), which made it fee…

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  • HunterZ

    The Pitt

    May 29, 2011 by HunterZ

    Returning to my original plan of playing the Fallout 3 DLCs in some kind of order, I next tackled The Pitt. This time around, I think I'll try a good/bad/ugly breakdown to keep things just a little more organized:

    • I found the content of The Pitt to be very character-driven compared to that of Anchorage and Zeta. Although there were only a handful of noteworthy NPCs that drive the main questline, some of them have very strong personalities and complex motivations that made things more interesting.
    • The few areas in the DLC were packed with details. Climbing all over the steelyard looking for steel ingots was an interesting exploration challenge, and looking up at the guard catwalks in the other areas for most of the rest of the time was an inter…

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  • HunterZ

    Mothership Zeta

    May 15, 2011 by HunterZ

    Although my original thought was to tackle the Fallout 3 add-ons in the order they were released, I decided on a whim to jump ahead to Mothership Zeta (add-on) after acquiring and installing it a bit after I had already started my post-main-quest adventures. I actually played through MZ a few weeks ago (just after finishing Operation: Anchorage), but I got distracted from writing this post.

    Interesting to note is that the DLC starts at the Alien crash site from the core/pre-addon version of the game, which I had already found during my earlier adventures. Returning to that site with Fawkes and Dogmeat, I was sucked up into the Mothership while my companions stared on helplessly (and waited in that spot for my return). It was a bit disappoin…

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  • HunterZ

    Operation: Anchorage

    April 30, 2011 by HunterZ

    Having finished Fallout 3 without any DLC installed, I decided to install all of the DLCs at once and continue my adventure. I've been thinking it might be fun to write blog posts here about each of them, except that I'm too lazy to take notes or anything else that would help me write something very insightful. I guess I'll just jot down some random thoughts and see how that goes:

    First up is Operation: Anchorage, which I will subsequently refer to as "O:A". Before I give my thoughts on that, however, I should mention that I started by installing all 5 DLCs and playing with a level 20 character who was right at the end of the last part of the main Fallout 3 questline. This probably presents quite a different dynamic from that experienced by…

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