Goodbye, my friends.

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Hello people of this Wiki.

I find that it's getting very inconvenient for me to keep coming here on top of all the work I have to do, and since the split, if feel there is a lack of need and want of my presence here, and I don't have much time for this place either. I very much enjoyed my short stay here, but I'm afraid I just can't keep coming here due to my lack of time. I'll never forget the good times I've had with all the wonderful people here.

I have met many new people who I have considered friends during my stay here. There are plenty I could mention, but those who were closest to me were Al, Rob, Nick, and Liam. Sorry if I left anyone out. I hope that one day, I can make a grand and glorious return, but that is unlikely.

Well, this is it, then. I'll stick around for another 2 or 3 days in case some people want to talk, then I'm going to leave.

Goodbye, all of you. PPCLAI The great and mighty Jesse PPCLAI

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