Now we move on to the second major settlement the Courier encounters in the Mojave, Primm. Before the New California Republic reached the Mojave, Primm was a town that had enjoyed more success in the decades prior to Mr. House's pacification and re-opening of the Strip, as its casinos were open for business, bringing in much needed capital to an area that not many had thought succeed without said services. Besides the Vikki & Vance Casino, Primm's other major attraction was the Bison Steve Hotel, which had fell to disrepair and time itself. Eventually the NCR entered the Mojave in 2271 on the Long 15, around the area that one day soon was established as the Mojave Outpost, engineering the Ranger Unification Treaty, which incorporated the Desert Rangers into the ranks of the NCR Rangers.

This came about as a result of the NCR Rangers having direct contact with the Desert Rangers, who in turn, had came in contact with Caesar's Legion in Arizona sometime in the 2260's and were on the end of the losing side of a war with 86 tribes that Edward Sallow, now known as Caesar, had began conquering about twenty years prior in Arizona, starting with the Blackfoots.

As the story goes on, late in 2277, the prisoners of the New California Republic Correctional Facility, which were sent to the Mojave in order to work on the railways connecting Southern Nevada to the Core Region, engineered a daring escape that effected Primm and the surrounding areas drastically. It was not until the Courier intervened and subsequently ridded Primm of the escaped prisoners, who had fashioned themselves as Powder Gangers, that the town saw the rule of law and prosperity return.

In the years that followed the NCR's pacification and annexation of the Mojave, Primm became one of the area's most successful towns, boosted by the reinvigorance of the Vikki & Vace and re-opening of the Bison Steve. Around 2285, Primm had made enough money off the back of NCR tourists to begin expanding its operations to the otherside of the I-15, which had built up a modest NCR Army presence since Primm had submitted to the Republic's rule some four years prior.

After all it had been through, the small desert oasis appeared to be on the verge of a major economical breakthrough. The future looked for Primm, as it had once again had become the first stop before Las Vegas and the last stop out.