This is all a mess, isn't it? The "how hate" is at an all time high, and maybe rightfully so. I feel like 25 % of all posts are affiliated with me. That isn't right.

That is why I'm disbanding How Gunz and everything connected to it. It is creating more issues than it should. A group of people on the wiki shouldn't exist like the How Gunz group existed. It was essentially a faction.

From the point when How Gunz was created and up until the start of 2017, it worked great. It managed to bind the community together with stories and humour. People enjoyed it. I enjoyed it.

I wanted that back. That was partially why I restarted it this summer. But evidently it didn't work. How Gunz has lost its charm, or rather, I have lost my charm. The "time of the Hau" is over.

Nostalgia was however not the only reason for restating How Gunz. By starting up How Gunz I managed to gather myself a crew. With that crew I managed to make the show "The Gun Lodge" stop entirely. This perfectly showcases why allowing people to form groups is a bad idea. If people really just want to write then they should not need groups or "companies" like "How Gunz" for that. Because it will eventually lead to hostilities between groups and they will eventually turn into pseudo- factions.

It was up for debate previously wether or not writing groups should be allowed and I hope the mods take notice of recent events and actually put a stop to it.

So that's it. No more How Gunz, How Trendz, How Addz or whatever. No more How. I feel like I can't go on when I don't get enough support. And I'm not trying to blame anything on you. The lack of support is a direct effect of my choices. It's really just a shame. I had many things planned; the How Gunz one year anniversary, the end of the year How Trendz summary, heck we even created a How Gunz wikia (I was about to announce it). All of that won't be seen through and for that I am sad. At the same time, both How Gunz and Trending Today originally stopped for a reason. They should have stayed dead in February, I only just now realized it.

Anyone else can now take over either HG or TT if they feel like they could do a better job, which shouldn't be so hard. Jack is welcome to have HG. That is what all of you wanted anyway.

Now we should all be happy that the word "How" won't be blasted around on every 4th post. If you got this far, thank you for your attention. It's the last time I will ever ask for it.