Over the past months I've written ideas for a fallout NY. Below is every thing I've written in the past months please tell me what you think. Sorry for any spelling errors I used microsoft notepad so i didn't have and spell or grammar check.

Fallout New York Ideas:

Factions: your small village (Name????)

         Iroquois Nation (sub-groups: Seneca,Cayuga nation,Mohawk,Oneida tribe,and Onondaga tribe

5 points gang (inhabits the 5 points [Chinatown] multi-ethnic {Italians,Irish,Asians,and Blacks} no predjudices and works as a Robin Hood like Raider group)

The Peoples Army (group of insane homless people "United" under Reverend Shepard who has the destitute and down trodden as his personal Army [pays them with

         food and shelter] located on Lafyette street)

The society for the preservation of Italian culture (essentially the sicilian mafia. Thus have a strict social hierarchy and does not accept any form of disrespect.

         located on Mulberry street [little Italy] {at war with the 5 points gang})

The Conferdacy (Raider group with many strong holds all along the Hudson River, Has basic armor and weapons, attackts your village occasionally)

Municipal Domain of New York (MDNY a heavily fortifed position that includes most of Manhatten north of west 14th street and uses Laguardia as a port on the long island sound, working subway system, Grand centeral [used as a Giagantic market], Times scquare is converted into a center for tourisms [many hotels , bars, pool halls, and fight clubs{you can watch prize fights and become a boxer}] Policed by desentends of the NYPD, ruled by "Mayor" the Mayor runs the MDNY like a feudal kingdom

Empire of Albany (Capital is Albany, ruled by a corupt emperor, rules most of nothern NY ,and no matter what is eliminated by the Iroquois nation)

Necropolis II (surviving gouls from Necropolis and endless walkers from the Reservation have made there way to Queens and created a fascist state rulled by Arwan {named after the Welsh God of Death} [hell bent on revenge against humans for all discrimination against gouls])\

The Outpost (small village on Copac lake that has a steel mill and makes weapons, bullets, and armor from scavanged metal, Also they have a source of non irradiated water, large farms, and a steady supply of leather and meat from near by Mt.Washington State park

The BoS of Liberty Island (the BoS moved in when they discoverd an vault filled with pre-war military technology [only way to reach Liberty Island is by ferry

         {must complete a quest to reach the island}])

Vault metropolis (Huge underground vault designed to house half of the pop of NYC [about 20 million people], undiscovered by any one and unlocatable on any Vault data-base {discoverd in a quest for the people's Army})

Genetically engineered Humans(Name????) (the Jenner Pharmicudical group was contracted by the federal gov. to create a vaccination to all engineered pathogens [they were West-Teks compition] incase of a world war Vault 142 was stocked with a biologically engineered super vaccine but war broke out before it could be tested on Humans, uppon entering the vault they were inoculated, but the vaccination caused them to break out in a skin infection similar to Leprosy and their off spring have inherited the vaccine [Because the super vaccine was engineered to bond to the Gametes of males and females].{however it seemed to have worked,the people are immune to radiation, poison, and disease.) Note: the genetically engineered wrap themselves in bandages to protect their delicate skin and have established a vast trading network.

Germantown (scavers living in Germantown [can help flee from the Iroquois nation for future support{does not count as a faction for the final battle}])

Enclave outcasts(Live in the ruins of West point and are no more then high tech raiders)

Story line (Main quest): Part I: your born, choose your appearence and traits

Part II: (your 15) Your father takes you hunting for Deer (Mutated deer that will attack Name:Wendigo) during this quest your father gives you a 22. cal bolt action rifle ,a hunting knife,and a couple of throwing spears. Finally he gives you a dirt bike that runs off of Microfusion cells and teaches you how to drive it.

Part III: the Confederacy has moved into a high school near by and you need to eliminate the threat through force or dicplomicy (comprised of several mini-quests to gather weapons,explosives,voulenteers,and medical supplies] {you have three options attack head on guns blazing, sneak in at night and launch a supprise attack [req. 30 sneak] negotiate with the leader of the raiders in the school and secure a peaceful solution [req.40 speech]

Part IV: While you are away dealing with the Confederacy a trader shows up in town saying that he needs help because his Caravan was attacked by Iroquois scouts. the survivers from the attack on the Confederacy (if there are any) and you head out to help the besieged caravan. After defeating the Iroquois one of the caravan gaurds takes a scout hostage and you interogate him. He tells you that your village and the rest of New York will fall like the Empire of Albany had fallen.

Part V: You head back to your village and you elders vote on wether or not to send a scout to Albany to see if what the Iroquois scout said is true, they will vote yes and you will be slected to travel to ALbany. On the way you will see caravans (they will have quests for you)and you can stop at The Outpost and German town (You will encounter hostile Iroquois scouts on the way) When you reach Albany you see the rubble that used to be the Capitol of the Empire of Albany. You are surrounded by a party of Iroquois soldiers and they take you to their Warchief. The Mohawk Warchief Akhilesh (which means Immortal) speaks with you he appologises for his scouts attacking you (because they through that you were a merchant) But he says that he unfortunatly cant let you go becasue you will warn the inhabitants of the Burrows. So you must kill him and his personal guard (with 55 speech or 55 Barter you can convince him to let you go [its also ironic that his name means immortal you have to kill him])

Part VI: You return to you village and inform you elders of what happened. So they send you south into the burrows to get support to defend the burrows and Westchester agaisnt the Iroquois (you must gain the support of atleast 2 factions [optional: get the support of all factions] {this entails quests for all of the factions present in the Burrows})

The Peoples army: (Name????) Reverend Shepard says "Some of my undergrounders have been going missing and for once it isn't the gouls" (with the wild wasteland trait you can inquier "do you think it is a C.H.U.D?" [reference to the movie C.H.U.D.] then Reverend Shepard will say "a what?!, just go find out whats going on" undergrounders" during the quest you and a schizophrenic "patron" at Reverend Shepards shelter named Tom find a body (without a head) wearing a Vault Metropolis jumpsuit and from his pip boy you can find Vault metropolis. Once inside vault metropolis you can either destroy the vault, kill the overseer and let Reverend Shepard take over (this leads to the elimination of Vault metropolis as a faction and they are absorbed in to the peoples army), or you can turn against Reverend Shepard and lead an army from Vault metropolis to take out Sheaprd (If you choose the last opion the people of Vault metropolis will support you against the Iroquois Nation.

The society for the preservation of Italian culture: The Job: Vincenzo (the don) tells you to work with his associate to take out the 5 points gang. Vincenzo's associate (name????) you and the associate will be sent to incite racial tension between the different races within the 5 points.(EX: you will put up racist posters and will tell several infuential members of the 5 points gang that one of the others said somthing racist) and when they are all at each others throats you and the rest of the mafia attack (there is no way to end this quest with out the elimination of the 5 points gang) after finishing the quest talk to Vincenzo and he will give you support against the Iroquois nation.

5 points gang: (name????): the leader(s) of the 5 points gang (Name(s)????) will send you on a mission of diplomicy to the Mafia to finish this quest you need to do several favor for the family (Including eliminating crooked family members, conterfiting caps, and stealing a shipment of weapons the is being delived to the MDNY) after finishing the favors the Mafia will declare peace with the 5 points gang

The BoS of Liberty Island:(Name????) Inside styvasant high school you need to talk to Sentinel Barbossa he will have you lead a band of scribes to west point to gather info on how to build a pre-war super weapon called the plasma cannon. You head out with a group of 3 scribes and one of them is sentinel Barbossa's brother head scribe Fredrick you must fight you way into the west point main building (IF head scribe Fredrick dies then you fail the quest [the other scribes can die]) once you finished this quest you are able to travel to liberty island. While there you meet with Elder Jonhson he will not give you support against the Iroquois (you will have to do another quest for Elder Jonhson to get support)

MDNY:(Name????) When you enter MDNY the Mayor will want to see you when you go to see him you have to inquire about helping defend the burrows against the Iroquois Then the mayor will say the you need to deal with the Ghouls that are plagueing LaGuardia. to do this you can kill all of the Ghouls conducting raids on LaGuardia, You can fight you way throught Queens and talk to Arawn with 80 speech you can convince him to stop raiding LaGuardia, or when you enter the Ghoul camp outside of LaGuardia you can help Lugus (named for the Celtic god of creation) overthrow Arawn (this will lead to you getting the support of the ghouls and the MDNY against the Iroquois)

Genectically engineered Humans (GEH):(Name????) this quest will be prompted when you talk to the leader of the GEH. He will say that their trade routes in the Lower Hudson valley is being distrupted and he wants you to fix it. So you have to investigate what the problem is (with 75 speech you can convice him that it is the Iroquois nation, thus bypassing the quest) you will find a sacked caravan with a dead body of a raider. When you report this back to him he will tell you to speak with the head caravan guard to organize course of action. When you talk to Dave (the head caravan guard) he will say the only option is to kill the leader of the raiders if you try to tell him a peacful solution can be reached he will say "No the only cure for this is poison"(reference to the song Posion was the cure by Megadeth) then you Dave and 2 other gaurds (named Scott and Kirk[reference too Scott Ian and Kirk Hammet]) will set out to kill the raider leader you will guard him (if he dies the you will fail the quest [Scott and Kirk can die]) while he poisons the raiders leaders food. once the Raiders leader is dead and you safely return to the Bronx the GEH will support you against the Iroquois

End of Faction quests

Part VI:Small step foward large leap backward: all factions you conviced to join you meet at the U.n. building (if you didnt get the support of the MDNY you and the factions on your side have to attack the building and defend it in a breif quest called Assualting peace) at the meeting all the factions argue on who is to supply what. (MDNY has enough resources to supply the war effort so if they are present you can convince the mayor to be the sole supplier of Allied troops req. 90 speech [or you can convince each present faction to chip in on the war effort req. 85 barter or speech]) the only way to get the reqiered supplies is to steal them from all unallied factions and the Confederacy (if the BoS of liberty island is present they will suggest stealing all needed supplies from the Enclave at westpoint [this option gives u a large advantage at the final battle because you warriors will have super stimpacks energy weapons large explosives and a select few (non BoS) will wear power armor]) After stealing the req. supplies (Medical suppies, ammo, guns, armor, and Caps) you need to return too the U.n. building to initiate the final quest. (if the MDNY is not present you will need to defend the U.N. building in a breif quest)

Part VII:Name ????: (all factions on your side) You and an army from all allied factions march out to your small village and take up defensive positions. Then the Iroquois attack after your army defeats the first wave of Iroquois attackers your army take the fight to them and attacks their encampment and kill the remaing warcheifs and Iroquois elders.(half of all factions on your side) your army suffers large causualties at the battle and is pushed back by the second wave of Iroquois your army retreats to the bronx where you army launches a suppries attack and kill most of the Iroquois army and warcheifs but the Elders and one warcheif escape to the north to rebuild there armies.(only 2 allied factions)you are defeated at your village you retreat back to the Bronx where your ambush fails and most of your army is irradicated and finally you defend the MDNY (even if they arent an allied faction) but it is too little too late and the rest of the burrows quickly fall to the Iroquois army.(peacefull ending) If you are allied with all factions at the final battle when you fight your way to the Iroquois camp. The head Iroquois elder speaks with you and asks that you spare the lives of the remaining Iroquois however you must convince the Generals of the allied factions (they are all present in the Iroquois camp) you can acheive this through speech challanges (req.100 speach and 100 barter or 10 intelligence)