They Wander is a free content update for Fallout 3 that adds a relatively short quest-line, some new items, and a few new areas. It was released on the 30th of April, 2015.

New content:


-Carmen's Rest- An island separate from the mainland, Carmen's rest acts as the main hub for the add-on, and can be accessed by talking to the strange man near Rivet City, who will then take the player to Carmen's rest for a small, one-time only fee of 10 bottle-caps. Death, The Businessman, Rachel & Ian can all be found here, as well as a few un-named NPC's.

-Carmen's Dream- A small fortress to the west of Carmen's rest, Carmen's Dream is the base of a The Accursed, a group of bandits hunting Death. Carmen's Dream outwardly appears as a stone tower with a building on the side, though on the inside all the walls and floors are rusty metal sheets.


Main Quests

-They Wander- Death has requested that you take down The Accursed. Start by finding and disabling the three Accursed patrols around Carmen's Rest.

-Abracadabra- Death has asked you to infiltrate Carmen's Dream, disable the generator, and return to him.

-Death's Embrace- Death has one final request. While he makes his way through Carmen's Dream to kill the high-priest, Damien, you must kill Captain Bryne. [Optional: Help Death kill Damien.] [Reward: Death's hood]

Side Quests

-The Strongest- Battle Death in a 1v1 duel. [Reward: Death's Scythe]

-I Wanna be the best- Ian want's you to help him become stronger than Death. Help him take down five Accursed patrols.

   -Like No-one ever was-