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The first Clark family was from Salt Lake City, up until the Great War of 2077. The second Clark Family was from Zion Canyon up until 2124.


The first Clark family was from Salt Lake City. They lived there up until the Great War of 2077. Not much is known about this Clark Family prior to the Great War. The Second Clark Family was from Zion Canyon. The last living member died in 2124.

Family Members

Randall Clark: Father to Alex Clark and Michael Clark and husband to Charlotte Clark and Sylvie Clark. He was driving back home from one of his solitary hiking trips when the bombs were dropped on Salt Lake City. He lived the rest of his life in the Zion Canyon until his death in 2124.

Charlotte Clark: Mother to Alex Clark and wife to Randall Clark. Not much is known of her life prior to the Great War. Charlotte always told Randall he belongs with his family, and should stop running off into the wild. When Randall ignored her and went on a hike, she died with the rest of the family without Randall when the bombs fell in 2077.

Alex Clark: Son to Randall and Charlotte Clark. He died with his mother when the bombs fell in 2077.

Sylvie Clark: Randall Clark's second wife and mother to Michael Clark. Originally a Vault 22 Dweller. Unlike the rest of the Vault 22 inhabitants, she wasn't crazy and thought the other Vault 22 citizens were evil. In 2096, Sylvie was trapped in a bear trap, and was found by Randall Clark. Randall hesitantly freed her. Finding out her story was just like his, they began a relationship. Before long, she became pregnant with a son, Michael Clark. Sylvie passed away during childbirth on March 5th, 2101.

Michael Clark: Unborn Son of Randall Clark and Sylvie Clark. His existence was first mentioned on a terminal entry, 9th September, 2100; he was due to be born on the 5th March, 2101. He died due to complications during delivery. Randall gave Sylvie anesthetic to put her out while he attempted a cesarean section. He was too late and Micheal died along with his mother, Sylvie, who never regained consciousness.


  • On October 29th, Randall strangely sent Charlotte a message even though he knew she was dead. The message described what happened during the air raid, and how she was right.
  • Randall Clark is the only member of the Clark Family to appear (as skeletal remains at The Red Gate).


The majority of the Clark Family are mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts. (This excludes Randall Clark whose skeletal remains are found in Zion).