The year is 2282 It's been over 200 years since The Great War of 2077. The Midwest was hit pretty hard during that few hours of nuclear warfare. Some places not as bad as others. Since those days, the world hasn't seemed to stay quite to us. Nuclear fires burn from Omaha to Chicago. Out of all the Nuclear warheads that were stationed in the Midwest, only about a quarter of them, were used to fight back. In the year 2134, a few scavengers from the town of Four Shades learned of the nuclear warheads and went searching for them, only to find feral ghouls and super mutants swarming the place. When they came back to tell their tales and what they had experienced there, the town leaders cut everyone and anyone off from it. They called the area "Hell's Gate". In 2281, while the wars in the West were being fought, a Splinter of the Midwestern Brothehood of Steel cut itself off from their chapter calling themselves "Vicious Steel". Their reason for this was not that they were mean or evil, but for how they viciously tried to rebuild society the way it was meant to be. For this, they were kicked out of the Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood. For the Brotherhood's true purpose was to retrieve the Old World tech so that it may not fall into the hands of people who do not posess knowledge of it's purpose. With that, all 20 members of the "Vicious Steel" were stripped of their Power Armor and Energy Weapons and left to die in the waste. This did not stop them though. After a few days of searching, they found an adandoned Army base in the ruins of what used to be Omaha. The base was stocked with Power Armor of a new kind and more energy weapons than the Midwestern Chapter had ever encountered. This new Power Armor was called T72-A Power Armor or better know as "Black Armor". Equipped with Stealth Boys and having heat-sensors, this new power armor helped the Vicious Steel to navigate through the ruins of Omaha. With the growing number of feral ghouls and Deathclaws in the center of the ruins, this new Power Armor proved useful to them. In the months that passed since their discovery of the base in which they reside, renamed "The Shelter", they had cleared out a stretch of road called "The Eye-80" of super mutants, ghouls and deathclaws, so that travelers, merchants, and people looking for shelter could get through. This was not an easy task for them, but with the discovery of their new Power Armor and enhanced energy weapons they were able to succeed. In March of 2282, Paladin Clark and his group discovered a massive airfield by the name of Eppley. With the over abundance of plane parts and tools, they were able to get 4 of the planes up and running. In June of 2282, during a recon mission over Southern Omaha, Knight Scolden discovers another military base near the rubble of what was once known as Bellevue. After hearing of this, Paladin Clark sends a scout of his crew to investigate the report. This is where the story begins.Destroyedcity 2