My name is Knight Vaughn Chute, known to my fellow Brothers a "Scar". We have been sent out to check on reports of a military installation in and area know as "Old Bellevue". Not to much is known about this place other than it's filled with Tunnelers and deathclaws. Along with me is my fellow knight, and best friend, Knight Johnathan Mead and 3 Initiates, Evan Stevenson, Jolene Rigen, and Mark Richards.

" much further is this "Mystery" base" says John.

"Maybe a quarter of a mile, tops." I reply.

"I hope this ain"t no ghost hunt." says Mark with a grin on his face. "Cause if this is, Scolden's getting his ass kicked"

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, You say that about everyone" says Jolene. "And everyone knows your to chicken-shit to do it either"

"Will You two stop bickering back and forth already?" says Evan. "It's like this every time we go on a recon mission, one of you says something to piss the other off. And now you're back at it again, so will you please just shut up 'till we get to there?"

"Geez Man, Take it easy" says Mark in a stunned manner.

"Yeah, I mean, we were only foolin'..." says Jolene.

As we approached the complex, we hear some unusual growling. As I look over the side of the bulding, I notice the sound.

"Hey guys, looks like we got ourselves a Mother Deathclaw, so try not to make too much noise."

As we attempt to find another route around the Deathclaw, Evan whispers to me.

"Sir, We have a much bigger problem than just that Mother Deathclaw" "What is it" I reply with hesitation.

He points down the other side of the building to a Deathclaw Alpha Male.

"Shit, What do we do now?" Says John, trying to stay as quite as possible.

"I have no clue." I reply.

"I do" says Jolene with a smirk on her face, "What if we lay down some satchel charges where we are standing, then go back up on the ridge and take a few shots at the deathclaws, and when the start running at us.....BOOM!, off go the charges and we should be good."

"I guess it might be our only chance, but get ready to run far if one or both of them survive."

As we layed down our charges, a strange humming sound comes from within the build across from us.

"Hey Scar, you gotta see this" says John in a excited manner. "The sound is drawing the deathclaws to it, we may be able to get around them."

"Good Plan." I reply "But throw some of those charges down just in case the noise stops."

As we start to run towards the door of the building, the noise stops.

"Um....Sir?" says Mark stuttering. "They know we are here...."

"Who does?" I reply, Hoping he isn't right.

"The Deathclaws" replys John, finishing Marks sentence.

As we notice the deathclaws running towards us, John starts to yell.

"We need to get inside now!"

"I know, But the door is locked!" I yell back.

As we attempt to force the door open, there are two loud gunshots.

"What the Fuck was that?" says Jolene hesitating to make noise.

"I have no clue." I reply, scanning the ridge to make sense of what happened.

"Those were gunshots, defiantly gunshots" says Evan, scanning the ridge as well.

Just as we attempt to step foward, there's another shot near my feet.

"Stay Right there, I'm coming down" a female voice shouts down, echoing through the area. '

As the female figure comes down towards us, she halts, her .50 Cal sniper rifle glimmering in the sun. She is wearing Complete Riot Gear and has a giant dog by her side. She then looks behind her to make sure she is not being followed and then approaches us. As she approaches, she takes of her mask to reveal her face. She is a pretty young woman no older than 25 (My age now), with blonde dreadlocks and a smile like a nuclear war never happened.

"You guys okay? Didn't mean to scare you?" She Says, Smiling.

"Yeah, We are." I reply smiling back.

"That's good. Gordon and I saw those deathclaws heading for you and your team, and I couldn't let that happen."

"Well, Thank You for that." I say with respect.

"So....What's your name?" says Mark.

"My name is Annabelle, but I just go by Anne" she says, still smiling.

She then looks at me, scanning my armor and weapon.

"And you guys are?"

"Oh, yes, well, um...I'm Knight Vaughn Chute, this young lady is Initiate Jolene, the googly eyed one is Initiate Mark Richards, the other is Senior Initiate Evan Stevenson, and last is Knight John Mead, and we are part of the "Vicious Steel".

She looks at the symbols on our armor and looks back at me.

"So you guys are part of the Brotherhood of Steel I keep seeing on the "Eye-80"."

"Yes and No" I reply. "We are that Brotherhood, just not the Brotherhood. We are out to help humanity survive, not acquire technology."

"Ahhh, I see." She says, suspicously looking at me. "Then what are you doing at Offut Air Force Base?"

"Offut Air Force Base?" We reply, mumbling amoungst ourselves.

"Yeah, that's what this place is. It's an old military installation filled with all kinds of tech. It's one of the reasons the nuclear fires burn from here to Chicago." she says.

"Are you saying that this place controls the nukes?" says John, hoping for a reply soon.

"Yes" she says. "Why do you care though?"

Everyone looks at each other.

"Well, it could help us and this area." I reply. "Or it could be used to destroy everything once again."

"How could it "Help" you and this area?" she says, looking at me with worry.

"If we disarm this base of it's control of these nukes and there will be no more nuclear fire and destruction for the part of the Midwest, and it could help us by setting up another base to control the Eye-80." I reply with joy.

She looks at us for a few seconds, then she starts to smile again.

"I believe you. I mean, you guys cleaned up the Eye-80 and brought life back to these towns, why shouldn't I?"

Everyone starts to smile. For once in a Long time, we are happy. Blog image Heartland