After that scuffle with the Deathclaws the squad and our new companion finally entered the main building on the base. To our surprise, the building was relatively intact.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing" said Jolene, with excitement gleaming in her eyes. "This place looks like it has been touched since the war."

"That's because it hasn't." replied Anne. "People from around the area are to scared to come here, and not because of just the Deathclaws."

"Why, what else is here?" asks Evan.

"Well, there is a town North-East of here in the ruins of the Heartland called "Four Shades". A long time ago a group of scavengers from there came here after discovering the location of the bombs. When they got here, it was overrun with Feral Ghouls and hulking Super Mutants. They took their findings back to the town leaders, who then reported it to other towns in the area. After that the area was forbidden to any and everyone. Guards were put up along the roads out of town to make sure. They call this area "Hell's Gate. Until recently, the roads have been open due to you guys cleaning up the "Eye-80"."

"Well come on let's have a look around and see we can find!" said Mark, hoping to find some "Souvenirs".

As we started to look around a noise came from the back of the room.

"What was that?" whispered John, pointing his weapon at the dark in front of him.

"I don't know." I replied, trying to turn on the heat sensor on my helmet before putting it on.

As I put on my helmet I noticed the figure standing there. Body mangled and decaying. Ripped clothes and skinny body.

"Hey guys, it looks like we have company in here."

Just as I finished my sentence a Feral Ghoul ran at me, clawing at me with all the strength it had.

"Holy Shit!" yelled Anne, raising her .50 Cal at the ghoul.

"Get it off me! Get it the Fuck off me!" I screamed, using all the breath I could.

Just as the Ghoul was about to rip my body to shreds, it turned to dust.

"Well that outta do it." Said Jolene, holding her Laser Rifle up with a grin on her face.

"Thanks, I owe you for that one" I reply, hoping she'll forget I said it.

"Well now that we know that there are Ghouls here to, we need to stay alert. So everyone, put you helmets on and flip on night vision." said John, readying his Plasma Rifle just in case.

We went back to scavenging through the building, hoping that we could find something to take back to "The Shelter".

To no avail, we started to head out of the building when Evan hollered to us from the farthest room in the back.

"Hey sir, I've got something!"

With excitement in his voice, he ran towards us with a Missile Launcher in hand. But this was no ordinary Missile Launcher. It was equipped with Night Vision Sight, 3 Missile Barrels, and equipped on each of the Missile Barrels were Enhanced Laser Pointers.

"Where did you find that?" asking Mark, hoping to get his hands on one.

"Back in the main office." he replied, looking over his new toy.

"We need to get this back to base and show Paladin Clark, he will be pleased to see this." Said John.

"Yes he will." I replied "Now maybe we can get a full scale team here to excavate and turn this into home."

"Yeah, I'm tired of those half-destructed walls, time for some still standing walls." said Jolene, in a joking manner.

"Well It's time to head out everyone, it'll be dark soon" I said.

"And You'll wanna show Paladin Clark that as soon as Possible."