To be honest I was expecting more of an instant hell but so far seems rather manageable. Went with a mostly Unarmed character (tagged Speech, Survival, and Unarmed), keep one sidearm for plinking crows and mines I don't think I can get to well enough in time or for enemies that I can't get to. Although I think my biggest problem right now is figuring out how many supplies I should be carrying. I might have a bit too much.

Inventory with weight goes:
10mm Pistol (WG 3.00)
Binoculars (WG 1.50)
Euclid's C-Finder (WG 15.00) - probably going to put this in storage until its date with Kimball
Paladin Toaster (WG 6.00)
Power Fist (GRA) (WG 6.00)
Spiked Knuckles (WG 1.00)
Weapon Total: WG 32.50

Combat Armor (WG 25.00)
Pre-War Hat (WG 1.00)
Apparel Total: WG 26.00

Bighorner Steak x35 (WG 28.00)
Brahmin Steak x4 (WG 3.20)
Coyote Steak x8 (WG 8.00)
Dirty Water (WG 1.00)
Doctor's Bag x13 (WG 13.00)
Gecko Steak x10 (WG 10.00)
Grilled Mantis (WG 1.00)
Maize x3 (WG 0.75)
Purified Water x97 (WG 97.00)
Stealth Boy x3 (WG 3.00)
Weapon Repair Kit (WG 7.00)
Aid Total: WG 170.95

Glass Pitcher x2 (WG 2.00)
Surgical Tubing (WG 1.00)
Vault 13 Canteen (WG 1.00)
Misc Total: WG 4.00

10mm Round x150 (WG 4.95)
Ammo Total: WG 4.95)

Overall Weight: 238.4 -> 239/270

So yeah, not sure how much I should keep around. Doing a Legion playthrough and somewhat concerned about when it's time to destroy the Brotherhood Bunker. All though Gauss Rifles usually cripple something. Probably going to leave my companions outside on top of it. ED-E already died once this playthrough because I went through the Scorpion Gulch trying to find Black Rock Cave because I didn't have a map and had never been there before.

Great Mara (talk) 19:58, March 5, 2013 (UTC)

Note: Not sure if this has anything to do with HC mode but the vendors haven't been restocking normally. Am I boned?