Welcome, to epsiode one of my blog posts! here you will find my opinion
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on in game Fallout 4 characters, creatures, perks, traits, weapons, armor, locations and so on!

To kick things off with my first installment, I will be discussing the new feature of creation in Fallout 4! From what I have gathered it looks as if there will be 7 different plots of land for our sole survivor to develop. Bethesda seemingly, as gone all out in this new addition to the Fallout universe. Allowing us to create virtually anything our heart desires. Albeit a great addition at first, lets take a deeper look into our future creations shall we?

Building Materials

In order to build our miniature kingdoms, we must first scour the wasteland and collect endless amounts of supplies to build our dream home. The dev team did not go into much detail on how much of one supply the sole survivor would need in order to build and actual home. (Not that there is anything wrong with four walls, a roof, and a single red door.) But I am much more interested in building a fort like safe haven for traders, farmers, families, and companions alike. I would like to see us be able to create such plots of land, with more than just raddiated wood and nails, but with metal and bricks, to give it more of a home feel, than what looks to be a shelter.

Protecting Built Land

After watching trailers from the Fallout dev team, we can all gather that raiders will try to make your new safe haven,their death playground. In this case, such said survivor would wish to protect said home, yes? Well look no further as Fallout 4 allows for the creation of turrents, barriers, flamethrowers, and traps. In what seems like could be a fierce battle to protect your land. (a major dissapointment would be to see 4-5 raiders try and capture my mini city.)

Literal Use and Re Visits

Lets take a look back in time and think in any of your days playing Fallout, have you ever just re visited a location you have already discovered. 99% of the time, the answer is no. (Unless trophy hunting/nostalgia) and lets think about this for a moment, why return to your 7 such built properties, for any other reason besides, those listed above? INTRODUCING, IN THE LEFT CORNER, STANDING NOT SO TALL BUT VERY WIDE, TRRRRRRAAAADDDDDDEEEEEEERRRRRR CCCCAAAARRRAAAVVAAAANNNNNNNN! Not what you expected right? "It's just another trader that I can pickpocket and kill afterwards" well think again. These traders that go from post to post will carry the games best weapons and items according to the dev team, so this time around, lets try to keep them alive. (Or not *shrugs*)

Weapon Mods

Fallout as borrowed a thing or two from the Borderlands series and has added to what I believe is 70 base guns.... Thats nothing right? Well there are over 500 different mods you can put to each gun, to what becomes literally endless weapon possibilites. A nice switch up from the old Fallout games. Although I have a feeling collecting legendary weapons wont feel the same if I can just create something better in every catagory. I still have mixed feelings on this. Hopefully finding a legendary weapon, is stronger than anything I can create, if not, I'll throw it in my room and once again start a new collection!

And thus ends the first blog episode, hopefully I can conjure up one of these daily to give you guys something to read! And as always feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.