My idea for a Fallout 4. My objective is to make it as new as possible instead of it being another game recycling everything from the others. It is set in Florida, 2296.


In 2077, 25000 US soldiers, politicians, VIPs, and an elite science team, Terminatory, were sent on a Preservation Program in April 2077 to a USSA Moonbase built in 2062. They were to remain there and research while the bombs fell.

In 2077, when the bombs fell, the Moonbase staff were ordered by the men at Navarro to make Big MT style research, weapons, armour, etc, and even mind control technology similar to MKUltra. to be ready for their return to Earth. Even by 2240 they were ordered to remain. Highly important personnel were turned into Cyborgs to continue existing. When Navarro was destroyed, they were clueless what to do, and a peaceful Civil War broke out in the Moonbase. They were contacted a month later by Eden, and were told to get ready to land in Washington DC in 2278. Their science and tech was ready, but two months before their return, the Enclave of DC was destroyed. They were clueless again, and decided to just land in Florida straight away to test their chemical weapon, the Crackdown, to complete the Enclave's mission.

They called themselves the Descendancy. (because they descended down to Earth again) When they landed in Florida in 2278, now the Radshine Wasteland, they could not find anywhere to launch the gas, nor a way to escape when they launch it. They spent years trying to find these and also to research on the things of the Wasteland.


The Descendancy launched a successful propaganda campaign and brainwashed the citizens successfully by 2279. It was the Capital Wasteland all over again. However, the native Black Scythe Kingdom, saw them as a menace to the community and a thorn in their quest to conquer all of the Radshine. They declared war on the Descendancy in 2278.

The BSK all ruthless, merciless, and want nothing but wealth and power. There is one member of the monarchy, Prince Theus, who wants to kill the monarchy to save the wasteland from them and lead the Kingdom his way: The good way.

Player story

(The player can be Male or Female, I just couldn't be bothered to type out "the player".)

The Deserter, was born in 2277 at the Moonbase. He spent his childhood at Base Charlotte when the landed. He was born to Descendancy soldier parents, his father was called Stig, and his mother was killed in a raid on a BSK Wasteland camp. In 2279, he was used as a test subject on the mind control experiment. He was turned into a sleeper agent. A radio device was implanted in his Brain which broadcasts commands to him.

He was enlisted into the Army in 2296. He was sent with a squad to attack a BSK command center with coordinated to a launch site that would be ideal to use to launch the Crackdown Gas. They successfully invaded the base but during the battle, the Deserter started acting differently than programmed. His brain implant was overridden by a BSK radio broadcast at the base, and therefore he was given free will, and decided to help his squad. He recovered the coordinates, but the squad noticed this, and Descendancy command ordered the squad to kill him and deemed him "burnt". Just before he was about to board the evac Vertibird, he was shot in the head by a squadmate and left for dead as they flew off back.

Game Story

The Deserter wakes up in the base he just attacked. The whole base wasn't attacked and only a portion of personnel there were killed. He was wearing an explosive collar. He was told by the BSK soldiers there the King ordered him to destroy the forcefield seperating the Descendancy territory from the rest of Radshine, and help them invade the Descendancy land at a final battle, and kill President Donovan before the invasion. He would then earn his freedom from the collar. With the Brain implant breaking, the Deserter was given free will, but lost his memories from when he became a sleeper cell, and got Dementia and Hallucinations.

The Deserter

The Deserter, a sleeper cell test subject, could buy his memories to be fixed and brought back by paying a doctor in the Profligacy District to do the surgery. However, his Dementia would get worse. He would need to take a medication daily to remove the Dementia.


Black Scythe Kingdom (Vuza): After the Deserter destroyed the forcefield, the Kingdom sent a large battalion to fight all the way through the I-75 to the Launch Site. The Deserter and the battalion killed all personnel at the Launch Site and killed Commander Quentin (leader of Descendancy military). The Kingdom was entirely in control of the Radshine, and the Deserter was removed of his collar and sent along his way. The Kingdom of Vuza's lust for power and wealth left a Dark Age on Florida for decades to come.

Black Scythe Kingdom (Theus): The Deserter helped Prince Theus kill the monarchy. Theus was in control of the Kingdom to save the Wasteland. After the shutdown of the forcefeild, he sent the Deserter and a battalion to fight to the Launch Site and destroy the Descendancy. However, without Vuza's cunning military leadership, the battalion was destroyed halfway through the journey. The Deserter was alone, but he finished the mission. The Wasteland was Radshine soon became its pre-War glory. Out of appreciation for his help, King Theus awarded the Deserter a penthouse suit in the Palace.

The Descendancy: Quentin and Donovan exploited the Deserter's Amnesia to brainwash him into serving the Descendancy again. The Deserter recovered the parts needed to make the Launch Site work, raided Vault 66 for the Descendancy to refuge in while the gas was active, and fended off a BSK invasion trying to destroy the forcefield, and went back to the Launch Site. With Stig, Donovan, and Quentin, he pulled the switch and launched the Crackdown. Then, his father Stig mercilessly executed him, as he was still deemed "burnt" and "a walking timebomb", and no longer needed for their evil plans. The Descendancy took refuge in Vault 66 while the deadly gas destroyed all life in the Radshine for 10 years. They emerged and took over Florida as the only occupants when the gas cleared up.


  • President Norman Donovan: The current President of the Descendancy.
  • Nate Quentin: Once the Pre-War leader of the US Army, he was turned into a Cyborg. He is the leader of the Descendancy Army.
  • King Vuza XI: Evil King of the BSK.
  • Prince Theus: Member of the BSK Royal Family. Wants to rid the Kingdom of the rest of the Royal Family and take over.
  • Croc Rod: Leader of the Old Rapids.
  • Cassandra McAdams: Chairman of Protege Company.
  • Stig: Your unloving father. He will kill you at the end if you help the Descendancy to remove a thorn in the Descendancy's side.
  • Hernandez Mateo: Cuban immigrant. Leader of the Contract Killers Alliance.
  • Varenus Schwarzkeiefer: A mad German doctor who became a Super Mutant in DC when FEV leaked from Vault 87 in 2083. He then travelled to Florida and met Cuban Super Mutants, the Ofie Family. He became their "God" and leads them.
  • Vice-President Dayne Reginald: Vice-President of the Descendancy.
  • Juke Wannabe: DJ of Arkane FM.
  • Paradox: A Protectron who is the DJ of the Florida Music Frequency. He used to be a guard for the Moonbase.
  • The Deserter
  • Sylar Gallo: Leader of the BSK Royal Army.
  • Aaron Blackburn (Digger): Leader of the Rascals.
  • Crane-Hand (Trent Dickens): Ex-leader of the Rascals, killed in 2294.


  • Myers Crater: Direct crater of a direct Nuclear blast. It is now the capitol of the Descendancy.
  • Launch Site: The Launch Centre of the Crackdown Gas. The final battle may occur here in the BSK story path.
  • Kennedy Space Center: A Descendancy Outpost housed only by the Cyborgs and Terminatory staff.
  • Cape Canaveral Air Force Station: Where the Descendancy launched in 2077 and where they landed in 2277. It has now been overrun with military robots before the War. The player launches a rocket here to destroy the BSK Palace in the Descendancy path (OPTIONAL: And the player must also find parts to fix the rocket too.)
  • Casa Bonita: Ruins of Bonita Springs. Home to the Ofie Family.
  • The Quagmire (Everglades Ruins): The Quagmire is a region of Florida which has become a swampland, with irradiated fungal growth and swampland, as well as monsters. The area has fell to mad tribal warfare, and many people never come back, and the BSK have issued a quarantine in the area.
  • The Profligacy District is the post-War ruins of Miami. It is the New Vegas of Florida, and has been overrun with gambling, gang warfare, drinking, etc. The BSK have kept a tight grip on the area since 2075, and have been cold and efficient with law & order in the area. There are however power struggles between the BSK and the native gangs and civilians, who want the BSR out of the area to carry on the old lawless days in the Profligacy District.

The leader of the Profligacy District Rebels (The Contract Killers) is the Cuban Immigrant Hernandez Mateo. There are also a number of raider gangs and the Descendancy trying to commit a hostile takeover. The player can join either side to help take over the area or help the BSK keep the area.

  • Fort Abandon: The ruins of Disneyland, many treasure hunters have tried to break in and recover the fabled treasure inside, but have been unsuccessful or have never came back. It turns out that a quarter of the area is a top secret Descendancy base, one quarter has fell to creatures, while the other half has been consumed by refugees and tribals. The BSK have yet been unable to reclaim the base. The player can help take over the area. The Radshine Wastelanders now know it as “Fort Abandon”.
  • Base Charlotte: Ruins of the Port Charlotte, it is the main command center of the Descendancy Military. You grew up here.


  • BSK: A Kingdom formed in 2122 in Louisiana, they conquered the state, then Mississippi, then Alabama, Georgia. They are a ruthless empire who want nothing but power & wealth. However, one member of the Royal Family has a conscience: Prince Theus. The Deserter can kill the Royal Family and get Theus in power. The Kingdom will thentreat all their territories and citizens fairly and no longer be evil.
  • Descendancy
  • Old Rapids: Old Rapids are the ruins of the pre-War Florida Baseball Team. They have became a Raider gang, who favour melee weapons and baseball. They raid to make territory and awareness to make baseball a popular and national pastime again. Their ruler, Croc Rod, is the current leader
  • Coil Strategy: Coil Strategy is the name of the Florida Brotherhood Of Steel. They are a military force in the Radshine. They are tribals, and inhabit the Quagmire. They are a science force too. They are attempting to destroy the BSK & Descendancy and Florida can be secured. They are trying to recover energy weapon technology, and reclaim the Quagmire to fend off the other tribals. The Coil Strategy are led by a Council of six.
  • The School is the descendants of the St. Petersburg College. On the day the bombs fell, they went on a field trip to the Everglades. When the bombs fell, they were trapped in the new Quagmire. They became the first tribals in the area. After 5 years being trapped, they a mighty empire in the Quagmire. They were a medieval knight background. A small group of pupils took over the party and the faction, and drove members to insanity, evil, and mercilessness. Their mission was to conquer the Quagmire, and enslave everyone into their army. With a large imperial army, they would take over Florida. The School does not tolerate deserters or snitches, and does their best to kidnap anyone who does so. They are merciless, and stop at nothing to get their own way. They raise new children of members at their school. They are cold and strict. They see 1400s Medieval Society as “perfect” Society, and the best choice for a future World.
  • Protege Company: The Protégé Company is a company owned by Cassandra McAdams in 2286. It was a company to trade with the Radshine Wasteland. They hunt animals and scavenge, and sell meat, objects, food, weapons, clothing, ammunition, and all other needs. In 2294, they were purchased by the BSK.
  • Rascals: A petty raider gang, they are like the raiders of Fallout 3. They are unorganised, careless, and attack anything useful to them. They are the most common seen.
  • Romules: The Romules are a gang formed in 2276 operating in the Profligacy District. Owning multiple hotels, restaurants, and casinos in the city. They are a gang of people trying to imitate 1940s Mafia Society.

Once a tribe of wild hunters and cannibals, they found Profligacy District in 2276, and started businesses in the area, but the BSK arrived years later. They had to become extremely secretive when the BSK came. In 2296, they received membership of the Contract Killers Alliance.

  • Taraji Clan: Ruins of a post-War Chinese Remnant battalion sent to Florida in 2279 to take out The Descendancy. Destroyed by them in 2281, Task Force Taraji retreated and took over several towns in Southwestern Florida. They are committing espionage in the Descendancy and Black Scythe. Their objective is to take over Florida and steal the Descendancy’s weapon.
  • ScavTide: A scavenging force, they have become a military force who will stop at nothing to retrieve Old World technology and junk. They are crazy energy weapon wielding xenophobic technology religious people who will do anything in the name of recovering technology. They are spread out throughout the South and are active in Northern Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Nevada. They are fighting with the Black Scythe to be permitted to trade in Florida, but the player will be able to get the BSR to truce with them.
  • The Requiem are the inhabitants of Vault 61. Vault 61 was an experimental Vault where the experiment was to subject inhabitants to Nuclear Radiation. These citizens survived and were angry the Overseer of the Vault tried to kill them. They took refuge in sub-level. They managed to break the radiation emitters and invaded the armoury. Finding special suits in there, they killed the Overseer and Security. They abandoned the Vault and with the research they recovered, became a medical group in the Radshine. They offer aid to anybody in need and find cures for disease.
  • Contract Killers Alliance: Led by Cuban refugee Hernandez Mateo, the Contract Killers are a mercenary gang operating in the Profligacy District. Their operations are secret as well as their existence. They operate in the Profligacy District. However, they came out of the shadows in 2296 and waged war on the BSK to get them out of the area and take over. They will send mercenary squads after the player if they have Good Karma or Negative Reputation with the Contract Killers.
  • Ofie Family: The Ofie Family are a post-War Cuban Mafia group, who immigrated to Florida from Cuba in and took refuge in Bonita Springs with their "God", Varenus Schwarzkiefer, now Casa Bonita, just outside the Quagmire. They mutated into Super Mutants in Cuba when it infected the Ocean, forcing them to move to Florida. The intelligent few carry out Mafia and gang operations in the Radshine, and the dum dums guard Casa Bonita and are used as bodyguards during missions.

Radio Stations

  • Descendancy Radio: Created by the Descendancy in August 2279, it broadcasted the Descendancy’s propaganda and updates, as well as patriotism for the Old World USA. Arkane FM rivals it and speaks out against it’s propaganda lies and corruptness. The speeches are posted by President Donovan and Vice-President Reginald.

Songs: US national anthem songs. “Stars And Stripes Forever” “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” “God Bless America” “Florida, Where The Sawgrass Meets The Sky” “The Star Spangled Banner”

  • Arkane FM: A pre-War station, it played new songs, news, everything a radio station would have, and usually had talks about the War going on, hence the name. After the bombs fell, it remained silent, but in 2273, a shady man known by his stage name, “Juke Wannabe”. He decided to make it live up to it’s old name, and spoke out against the Descendancy and their lies, and also gave out news of the Wasteland and help to citizens.
  • Florida Music Frequency: Created by the Descendancy, it broadcasts nothing but pre-War music, and news updates from the Protectron “Paradox”.

Songs: Pre-War music. “Civilization”: Danny Kaye And The Andrews Sisters “You Make Me Feel So Young”: Frank Sinatra “The Loneseme Road”: Frank Sinatra

  • Casa Bonita Radio: Operated by a crazy tribe of the Ofie Family, it plays their ramblings and crazy speeches and rants, as well as pre-War Spanish/Cuban/Mexican songs.

Songs: "I Like It" Pete Rodriguez "Tito Puente" Oye Como Va "Celia Cruz" Quimbara "Ray Barretto" Acid

  • Taraji Broadcast: The Taraji Broadcast is a radio station run by the Taraji Clan. It broadcasts in Southern Florida, and spews out propaganda against the US survivors and drop morale of the Descendancy, BSK, and the survivors.


  • Brahmin
  • Mirelurk/Hunter/Queen/
  • Prime Mirelurk: The God of all Mirelurks in Florida. She is the master of them, and is the Mother of all Mirelurks.(She was the first Mirelurk on the Planet.) She is the size of a Deathclaw and very slim.
  • Venus Mantrap: The Venus Mantrap is a mutant Venus Flytrap. They are encountered in the Quagmire, and are the size of a Tailswinger. They grab and devour their prey, even Humans, and eat them. They have arms to grab prey.

In combat, they will grab the player, whack the player, and eat them.

  • Meta Iguanas are mutated Iguanas. They are friendly to others, but are considerably tough in battle. They were exposed in the 70s to FEV. Due to the effects of radiation they encountered, their bodies evolved. They are now strong, and quite intelligent, and are now intelligent as a two year old Human Child. They can communicate to other Iguanas and socialise. They now have better than ever relations with Humans. They are scattered all over the Radshine and are known to be small pests, but they try their best to stay out of the way. In combat, they bite and chew the player's feet.
  • Hemìfēngs (Nuclearbee, Chinese Simplified) are mutant bees. They reside in the Quagmire, and have a Queen. They collect honey and their existence is purifying the wasteland, but at the same time are extremely deadly & hostile to anyone that isn’t a Hemìfēng. They have evolved so that they can use their sting 60 times before dying.

Hemìfēng Collector Young Hemìfēng Hemìfēng Warrior Hemìfēng Servant Queen Hemìfēng In battle, they whack the player with their wings and tail, and sting them, as well as bite them.

  • Swampbeasts are fabled creatures who are mythed to reside in the Quagmire. It is fabled only seven exist. Noone believes they exist, but the player can find them in the Quagmire. They are mutant Millipedes, and are the length of a Tailswinger. They are a mutant North American Millipede. They should not be underestimated, as they can swallow the player whole and have razor blade claws. In battle, they pounce on the player, trip up the player, grab the player, bite the player, claw the player, and swallow the player.
  • Giant Ants are mutant Velvet Ants, native to the state. They are giant, and are a threat to small communities.

Giant Ant Giant Warrior Ant Giant Worker Ant Young Ant Giant Ant Queen In battle, they headbutt and bite the player,

  • Yao Guai/Cub/Pack Leader/
  • Feral Ghouls/Roamer/Reaver/Glowing One/Steelix/(Feral Ghoul Steelix's are feral ghouls in Power Armor.)
  • Achse are mutant Axis Deer. They have mutated into two-headed deer, and are fatter. They are friendly to Humans and the player, but will be deadly when provoked.In battle, they headbutt the player, kick the player, bite the player, and impale them with their horns.
  • W’Grejda were a pre-War experiment at the Big MT with splicing Raccoons and Gorillas. It was part of CLOACINA where the creatures would be deployed into China along with the mole rats, and destroy crops, be pests, and attack anyone in sight. They were to be launched on the 24th October 2077, but when the bombs fell, the creatures escaped and colonised the American ruins. They mutated into much improved creatures. In battle, they claw, trip, grab, and bite the player.
  • Giant Catfish
  • Leapers are mutant Bog Frogs. They reside in the Quagmire.

They have mutated into the size of a dog, and have evolved into very athletic movements, and can jump from tree to tree. They are hostile and spit a poisonous green sap that decreases the player’s health. They can pounce on the player and bite them

  • Swampfolk live in the swampy ruins of Central Western Florida. They are mutated Humans, and now have increased body fat, extremely high amounts of facial fat, and have bubble-like growths on their bodies, Many are senile.
  • Tailswingers are mutant Alligators. They are very large, and can now stand on two feet and run to their prey. They lurk in the rivers and swamps. In battle, they swing their tail at the player, and grab the player, and can of course, bite them.

New Attributes

  • Teeth: How dirty the player’s teeth are. Dirty teeth will lower the player’s Charisma and Speech, and even have side effects for every 200 Teeth Points. Brushing decreases Teeth points. (TTH)
  • Hygiene: Hygiene governs the Player's Charisma and Social. There are side effects for every 200 points of it. The player can lower Hygiene by taking deodorant, bathing, and cleaning clothes in a washing machine. (HYG)