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  • Ghosttro1

    Tro1's Fallout 4

    July 31, 2011 by Ghosttro1

    My idea for a Fallout 4. My objective is to make it as new as possible instead of it being another game recycling everything from the others. It is set in Florida, 2296.

    In 2077, 25000 US soldiers, politicians, VIPs, and an elite science team, Terminatory, were sent on a Preservation Program in April 2077 to a USSA Moonbase built in 2062. They were to remain there and research while the bombs fell.

    In 2077, when the bombs fell, the Moonbase staff were ordered by the men at Navarro to make Big MT style research, weapons, armour, etc, and even mind control technology similar to MKUltra. to be ready for their return to Earth. Even by 2240 they were ordered to remain. Highly important personnel were turned into Cyborgs to continue existing. When…

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