Trophies for Honest Hearts released on 1.5 patch for PS3.

Geerardr April 26, 2011 User blog:Geerardr

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There are 5 new trophies that have been added to the New Vegas trophy list on PS3 with the release of the new 1.5 patch. These trophies confirm the Honest Hearts DLC will be taking us to Zion National Park. It seems as though there will be new tribe(s) within the new land, one named the Sorrows, and the other tribe, the White Legs, which is also speculated to be just one NPC based on voice actor information found... The word "the" precedes "White Legs" in both a bronze and the silver trophy, which makes it unclear whether it is an NPC, or a tribe.

The following is the list of newly added achievements:

  • Gold - May my Hand Forget its Skill (Evacuate Zion)
  • Bronze - In a Foreign Land (Scouted the Zion valley for signs of the White Legs)
  • Silver - O Daughter of Babylon (Crushed the White Legs)
  • Bronze - When We Remembered Zion (Arrived at Zion)
  • Silver - Restore Our Fortunes (Resupplied Daniel and the Sorrows)


- The achievements are now on Steam as well.

- White Legs: Based on the trophy image for the O Daughter of Babylon achievement, which is received after "crushing the White Legs", there is clearly more than one body on the ground, implying that the White Legs are most definitely a tribe. The tribe is possibly named after and NPC of the same name, which would be the reason that White Legs has only one voice actor.

- Colored Images for all achievements have been added to the Honest Hearts page.

- Decline Xbox patch article W/ Update(April 28)

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