1.06 PS3 patch release in North America

Today Jason Bergman tweeted the release of the newest Fallout: New Vegas patch for the PS3:

Looks like the Fallout: New Vegas patch has gone live for North American PS3 users.'s a big download!

I have updated my PlayStation 3 version of Fallout: New Vegas, and can confirm this is true. This patch has many fixes and optimizations for the game, and is essential to play the new Old World Blues add-on scheduled to release on July 19th.

Update - Jason Tweeted:

FNV patch should be live on Steam now. Changelist:

The patch also adds the following Old World Blues achievements/trophies:

Name Requirement
Cardiac Arrest! Recovered X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit.
Making Friends Reactivated all of the Sink's robotic assistance.
Make up Your Mind Made up your mind... about your brain.
Outsmarted Completed Old World Blues.
Spinal-Tapped Recovered X-8 vertebrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency.
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