• Geerardr

    Today Jason Bergman tweeted the release of the newest Fallout: New Vegas patch for the PS3:

    I have updated my PlayStation 3 version of Fallout: New Vegas, and can confirm this is true. This patch has many fixes and optimizations for the game, and is essential to play the new Old World Blues add-on scheduled to release on July 19th.

    Update - Jason Tweeted:

    The patch also adds the following Old World Blues achievements/trophies:

    Name Requirement
    Cardiac Arrest! Recovered X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit.
    Making Friends Reactivated all of the Sink's robotic assistance.
    Make up Your Mind Made up your mind... about your brain.
    Outsmarted Completed Old World Blues.
    Spinal-Tapped Recovered X-8 vertebrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency. Read more >
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    Chris Avellone has recently replied to a question on Twitter: "@ChrisAvellone Are we going to be allowed to return to Zion in HH after we beat it or is this gonna be like Dead Money (please god say no)". Chris then replied:

    This gives the answer to the question that has concerned many Fallout Wiki users. This does not say that gameplay extends passed the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, but states that returning to the lands after completing the next add-ons will be possible.

    Avellone also tweeted:

    This confirms that lobotomites, which were originally to appear in Fallout 2, but were cut from the final version of the game, will appear in one of the upcoming add-ons (most likely Old World Blues).

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    "Gstaff here with a couple news items for New Vegas.

    Up first, the game is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE’s Games On Demand service. You can purchase it directly through LIVE, or by visiting

    In other news, be sure to visit our forums for updates on the game from senior producer Jason Bergman. In a post from earlier this month, he gave a status report on New Vegas DLC and incoming game updates. Regarding the latter, today he’s posted details on the balance tweaks being introduced in Monday’s Steam update. For those playing on consoles, we’re still waiting to hear on the exact date it’ll be available for you… stay tuned.

    Update (4/28): The update should be available worldwide on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

    Regarding the Xbox 360 upd…

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    There are 5 new trophies that have been added to the New Vegas trophy list on PS3 with the release of the new 1.5 patch. These trophies confirm the Honest Hearts DLC will be taking us to Zion National Park. It seems as though there will be new tribe(s) within the new land, one named the Sorrows, and the other tribe, the White Legs, which is also speculated to be just one NPC based on voice actor information found... The word "the" precedes "White Legs" in both a bronze and the silver trophy, which makes it unclear whether it is an NPC, or a tribe.

    The following is the list of newly added achievements:

    • Gold - May my Hand Forget its Skill (Evacuate Zion)
    • Bronze - In a Foreign Land (Scouted the Zion valley for signs of the White Legs)
    • Silver - O D…
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