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    Here's a Fallout 2 creepypasta I found. It is about the toxic cave elevator in Fallout 2, and the mysteries behind it. I take no credit what so ever of this story (copypasta, all of it) , and I thought I'd share it with the community. Good reading!

    So here goes...

    (Copy pasted material)

    In Fallout 2, after you beat the game you can continue playing. Remember that defunct vault near the beginning? The one with the toxic sludge on the ground and the elevator where you kill golden geckos? It's called "toxic caves" on the world map, but it is clearly a very small vault with 3 levels. (Including the first cave level, where you take a ladder down to the actual vault structure.)

    Well, if you have one of the original pressings of the game and you haveā€¦

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