A pleasant day to you all, Nukapedians.

This is a blog post concerning the opening of the new community poll, The Aces Theatre. It's a community poll about characters performing on-stage, and you can decide whether the performance is good, or not! You can also vote for the next performer and so as comment at the current performer! It's free, and for everyone here, whether anonymous users or even the registered.

Q: What is the purpose of The Aces Theatre?

A: The purpose of Aces Theatre is the community entertainment with polls, suggestions and commenting included.

Q: How can I see the performance and how do I vote?

A: You can view the performance on a navigational box below the introduction for the performer, the performance on the right and the polls for the left.

Q: Can I comment on the performance?

A: Indubitably, you can comment. After the navigational box for the performance and polls, there is a header that reads, for an example: First performance - Comments. There should be a bullet with the entry: Comment page here that will lead you to the comment page. To start a comment, press enter for a new line, bullet it by pressing the asterisk key, type in your comment and sign to recognize. Note that any questions in form of comments will be answered.

Q: Will this be a segment to the Strategic Nuclear Moose?

A: Apparently, this is in discussion, and will have a final decision soon enough.

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