This blog post is about the ideas of the next Fallout game. This entire blog post does not contain rants to the developers, demands and other bad opinions in this matter. This entire blog post may consider some information that is written here may be implemented to the next Fallout game. No trolling is allowed and respect the author of this blog post for this matter. Stay classy --M72 GauzzFo2 M72 Gauss Rifle 10:48, June 2, 2011 (UTC)


  • Re-use the equipment or items in the previous Fallout games rather than creating new ones. (See charting below)
  • Massive gameplay changes.
  • Primary statistics of creatures that re-balances them.
  • More features that is beneficial for players.
  • Item modifications for apparel and etc.

1. Re-use the equipment or items in the previous Fallout games.

For the next Fallout game, it is more advisable than creating new items: apparel, weapons and other items. In general, I would like to see the utilization of using previous apparel, weapons and other items from the previous games, including the DLC items from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. So, the only problem is whether Bethesda or Interplay will own the next Fallout game, so the developers want or will not want to approve the use of the previous items from the previous games. So, let us have an example. For the next Fallout game, the Holorifle (Dead Money), Desert ranger combat armor (Honest Hearts) will appear. There is a chance that my example can happen. This chart below can be a reference of the items appearing in the next Fallout game.

Game Weapons (base game) Armor (base game) DLC items (weapons and armor)
Fallout: Tactics Yes, some of it. Yes, some of it. Tactics has no DLC available.
Fallout: New Vegas Yes, there should be. Maybe, few of it. Some of it.
Fallout 3 Yes, there should be. Maybe, some of it. Yes, some of it.

2. Massive gameplay changes

It is required that the next Fallout game should have a massive gameplay changes. One of these changes are...

  • Guns dismemberment.
  • Right amount of skill level for every weapons.
  • Some features of Project: Nevada modification.
  • Locations

In general, the features of the next Fallout game should have a fix, or added new features. This makes the gameplay smooth and "realistic". If inside and outside V.A.T.S, the game should have a sensitive dismemberment. For easier explanation, guns should have no dismemberment, only melee weapons can. For the right skill really, "That Gun" from Fallout: New Vegas should have Guns skill of 25, because it's damage per second does not reach 100. Weapons skill of 25 does not extend it's DPS to 100, only 50 can. Project: Nevada's modifications can be implemented in the next Fallout such as throwable weapon hotkey, scrolling up and down should cause a weapons scope to zoom and a vision mode, not only the scope, including power armor helmets. So, in Honest Hearts, there will be weather system. I hope in the next Fallout game, there will be.

3. Primary statistics of creatures

Here is the important discussion of this blog post, the creatures' portion. Imagine a deathclaw with a hit points of 500? The true hit points of a deathclaw should be 350, while it's damage threshold is downed to 15, making it not "overpowered". For the alpha variants of other creatures, their health and damage threshold must be slightly reduced for a balanced gameplay for new Fallout gamers. It should be implemented always, and one of the most important parts of the new Fallout game.

4. Beneficial features to the player

The new Fallout game should have more beneficial features to the player such as perks. The certain list of perks that should be enhanced...

  • Life Giver
  • Strong Back
  • Travel Light

And a lot more. The enhancement should be the benefits and ranks. Let us say that the Life Giver perk has 2 ranks and has a benefit of maximizing your HP by 40. And the armor bulk of currently worn apparel should not affect the movement speed, just like in Fallout 3. Some perks should be returned, more like from Broken Steel. And I hope there are a lot of perks in the next Fallout game that allows the player to reset their S.P.E.C.I.A.L again at the last level and more.

5. Item modifications and unique items

Another part of this blog is the item modification. So, if you wanted the reinforced armored vault suit, maybe the developers grant this feature. In my thoughts, the armor reinforcement can only be done in vault suits, radiation suits, leather, combat and metal armors. One of the modifications in my thoughts are like "Armored Vault Suit Spaulders". It increases the damage threshold of the armored vault suit and making it heavier in weight. This modification in my thought is a spaulder to the armored vault suit. It consists of the spaulder of the NCR trooper armor, re-textured in bluish-black. It's a good idea to remodel and to edit the textures of unique weapons in FNV. However, the raider armors should have a unique variant and covers the body.

6. Locations

In the next Fallout game, the map is very big for cool locations. If technology survived, then there must be a secret vault of technology (I want that!). There is also a place for tribesmen, more likely in a cave town.