The year was 2296. There was a big news coming from the City. The City's leaders were planning to take over the West. However, things were changed when there's this group of civilians rioted all over the City. The rioting civilians is lead by an unknown ammo factory worker in the City. They freed the ones in the death row that day, fought the military police using whatever they got. The citizens that have the guts and saw all the action also joined the fight...for a cause.


  • Republic Resistance - is a group of rebels. Mostly civilians from the City who disliked the "regulation system" of the City, the prisoners in the City, and the ammunition factory workers, and some were wastelanders who makes a living by slavery, assassinations and some were bounty hunters. They disliked the Republic's government system, and they were imprisoned from this kind of "evil act". After the riot took place, they escaped the city and tried to build a home for themselves, and so they did. The group became a high-profile organization.
  • The Republic - is a group of government officials who have a plan of northwestern colonization. They are the ones who founded the technological City of the Republic. They are unlawful, and dispenses little justice.

Game twists

  • If you overthrow the faction you chose, there is one greater threat (faction) that is hostile to the faction you overthrown, and the one you have joined with.
  • You can make the faction you chose battle with you against the greater threat later in the game and you cannot request the help from the side factions.


  • Marrying specific female characters for male characters, and male characters for female characters.
  • Reputation is improved. High reputation gives a big advantage for the player to be married.
  • New wide selection of craft-able weapons.

The others are to be written.