I have to say I'm quite dissapointed in New Vegas having a destined ending like Fallout 3. I still don't see the point of getting all the unique stuff right at the end, and the shit ton of experience just to have the game end. They better hurry up with an add-on to fix it, like Broken Steel did. And even then, that's bull that I have to pay ten more bucks for it. I'd love to be able to roam after finishing the main quest. Nothing really happened that would make you have to stop. I mean you work so hard to get all that stuff, and all those levels, it'd be nice not to have to start it over just to do everything else. I guess it's not that big of a deal. Just sayin'.

The ending battle also didn't seem that big, like I was expecting. I chose the NCR side, and maybe doing things differently will lead to a different one. It seems I just fought like twenty guys and the one with the huge sword and that was it. I'll tell ya though, that NCR Ranger Veteran that was helpin' me did some work.

Also, the ending scene for this game was insanely long. I thought watching Fallout 3's ending six times was bad, but just one of New Vegas' was enough. Ha.

Aside from the ending scene being so long, I did like how it went through the details of how every faction and place the player encountered was effected by him. Maybe the more you do the longer it is?