50 Vault-Tec C.E.O.
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For too long have my enemies been a thorn in my side without retribution. It's time they've learned their place in this world, and you will help extend my will towards that goal.

— Commandant Aix

Total Warfare Mambo is a Fallout 3 quest in the Verisimilitude add-on.

Detailed walkthrough

Facing the talons

Using the recruitment code to get into the Talon Company forward base, the Lone Wanderer will be led straight to the big boss himself - Commandant Aix. The Commandant will express that joining now is an interesting time for the Talon Company, and that many lucrative contracts are open for aspiring mercenaries.

At this point, Commandant Aix will make the Lone Wanderer a standard recruit, and will have a chest with basic gear waiting for them outside once their business has been concluded. To prove themselves further, a contract will be given to deal with the Regulators and their leader, Sonora Cruz.

Putting down the law dogs

Due to the Regulators' increasing popularity and tenacity, Commandant Aix has now seen fit to end their little organization before it becomes anything more than a nuisance. This contract can be handled in one of two ways:

  1. The Lone Wanderer can travel to the Regulator HQ and kill every last member of the Regulators stationed there.
  2. Alternatively, the Regulators can be convinced with a Speech skill of 50 to temporarily go into hiding, and to be ready to help deal with the Talon Company once a signal has been sent.

Either way, Sonora's unique hat will be required to finish this contract. As a reward, the Lone Wanderer will be given 2000 caps. For a bonus, Lucas Simms can be killed for his badge, which will net an extra 500 caps. There is no way to convince the sheriff to hand over his badge, and the badge cannot be pick-pocketed.

Into the den of the beasts

Returning to the forward base and claiming the reward, Commandant Aix will provide a new and much more difficult contract: the extermination of the Beastlords and their Emperor. With the Talon Company attempting to now expand further than the D.C. ruins, the Beastlords have become an increasing threat, with guerilla tactics putting a large dent into the Commandant's operations. Little information is available, with the only hint of their location being heavy sightings near Smith Casey's garage. This contract can be handled in one of three ways:

  1. The Lone Wanderer can go in, guns blazing, and kill off every last clansman of the Beastlords.
  2. Earn the Beastlords' trust by fighting through the arena, finding King Crag and his men in the mining tunnels, and helping them collapse the cave systems; burying the Beastlords in rubble.
  3. By either fighting through an advanced gauntlet in the arena or by having an Intelligence of 4 or lower, the Lone Wanderer can convince Chief Urchin to allow them an audience with him and the Emperor. Convincing them that the Talon Company would result in their extermination, Urchin will demand a job to be done for him before they'll help deal with them: King Crag must be located, and his head brought back to him.

To finish this contract, either the emperor's head (which Urchin will happily provide if convinced to help) needs to be brought back to Commandant Aix, or King Crag must be brought back as a witness. If King Crag is brought in, he will be taken to the Cocoon for study. In any-case, the Lone Wanderer will be given an HK G3SG1 and 100 .308 rounds to go with it.

Remnants of the past

Returning with news of the Beastlords, Commandant Aix will provide a final contract, as well as a few personal quests that begin the Burden of the Beast quest-line. For the final main contract, the Commandant will explain that a super mutant known as the Maddog has been the most crippling factor in securing the Cocoon, and with him and his 1st generation super mutants out of the picture, the Talon Company would finally have full reign over the city. The Maddog can be handled in one of four ways:

  1. With a Science skill of 90, a terminal entry at Vault 87 can be modified seamlessly to state that Mir Dün Mir is where the entirety of the super mutants within the Capital Wasteland are being created. With this modified evidence at hand, Elder Lyons can be convinced with a subsequent Speech skill of 75 to send a company of Paladins and Knights to attack the super mutant city, in which the entire city will be razed to the ground.
  2. The Lone Wanderer can either fight through and kill every super mutant in sight.
  3. By sneaking in through the sewers or through a barrier breach, and assassinating the Maddog.
  4. With a Strength of 8 or higher, and with a Speech of 80, the Maddog can be convinced after a test fight to hear out the Lone Wanderer. Before accepting to risk his army to assault the Cocoon, the Maddog will require three objects: the modified FEV from President Eden, which his super mutants had reported seeing notes of while attacking an Enclave base, and the heads of both Uncle Leo and Fawkes; both Vault 87 dissidents that had resulted in the civil war between them and the 1st-generation super mutants.

To finish this quest, the Maddog's personal super sledge will need to be presented to Commandant Aix, which will award the Lone Wanderer with either a set of heavy Hellion armor, or its light variant.

A meeting with fate - part I

After the major contracts have been completed, Commandant Aix will express his pleasure in seeing someone worthy of being his right-hand-man, and will ask for them to meet him at the Cocoon, which he further explains is an old-world research installations hidden underground by the Enclave before the Great War, by uploading the coordinates in their Pip-Boy 3000.


  • The Maddog has an irrational and unfathomable fear of dogs. Should Dogmeat be accompanying the Lone Wanderer while attempting to talk with the Maddog, he will refuse to come out, demanding that they leave immediately. Should they attempt talking to him again with Dogmeat, the Maddog will become hostile.
  • Due to the civil war between the Maddog's first-generation super mutants and the Vault 87 super mutants, having Fawkes as a companion will result in immediate hostilities should he enter Dün Mir.
  • Should the Lone Wanderer be wearing a set of Brotherhood power armor, the Beastlords will immediately become hostile.
    • The same will happen should Cross be a companion. Even if she is not wearing Brotherhood power armor, she will still be recognized by the clansmen as a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Behind the scenes

With the Verisimilitude add-on installed, it is discovered that before Uncle Leo and Fawkes were exiled by their own kind, their philosophies helped spark the dissent that led to their civil war with the Maddog and his first-generation super mutants.