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Tortoiselurks are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.


A relatively new species introduced into the Capital Wasteland, the tortoiselurk has become a bit of a blessing to fishermen, as they have a tendency to clear areas of hostile presences while leaving humans largely alone.



Over a head taller than the normal mirelurk and much more naturally armored to boot, the tortoiselurk is quite fearsome to look at, and would quickly become the dominant life-form if not for their rather passive behaviors. They rarely come upon land, preferring to remain near the surfaces of water where they can protect their egg clutches better.

Gameplay attributes

While initially passive, they will become hostile should the Lone Wanderer get too near to their egg clutches. Their attacks are similar to how mirelurks attack, but will take advantage of headbutting and snapping as well to over-power their foes.

They are never encountered outside of the Mar'Jhan warrens.


  • Tortoiselurks will not become hostile even should the Lone Wanderer attack a nearby mirelurk or catfish mirelurk.
  • While a risky business, raiding their valuable and rare egg clutches will earn a hefty sum in the market.